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We Miss Our Volunteers!

How to Support our Heroes Fund

  1. Create your own fundraising page on our website. Share the link with your family and friends to ask for their support.
  2. Help us solicit Silent Auction Items. On October 28- November 11 we are hosting our annual online Silent Auction. Please think of any items or special experiences your job, friends or family may have access to and help us collect donated items to auction off this fall!
  3. Host a special Event with your community and ask them to make a donation on your fundraising page. It can be anything you want! Some volunteers have hosted exercise or cooking classes. Get creative!

4 Different Types of At-Home Workouts and Why You Should Try Them

With gyms still closed, now is a great opportunity to try out different types of workouts outside of your normal routine! If you’re a heavy lifting, high intensity type of person, take advantage of all the free/discounted online resources available and try a couple yoga classes (or vice versa). You never know what you may discover (and like!).

  • HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) consists of short bursts of intense exercises followed by low-intensity recovery periods. HIIT-style workouts are great for burning fat because it raises your heart rate quickly to burn as many calories as possible.
  • Mat Pilates is a low-impact, equipment-free workout that stretches and strengthens your body with a special focus on building core strength. Strong cores are proven to help relieve back pain, as the core stabilizes the entire body and puts less pressure on the limbs.
  • Zumba combines Latin music and fun dance moves to create an easy-to-follow cardio workout. The dance routines incorporate interval training by alternating between fast and slow movements but the classes feel more like a party and less like a traditional workout.
  • Cardio kickboxing choreographs traditional boxing moves (hooks, jabs, uppercuts, etc.) to fast-paced music, making you feel like you’re in a Rocky-themed music video. Although a lot of the moves require the use of your arms, it is a full body workout because it requires you to generate power through your core and lower body.

Article submitted by Kelly Chu, Communications Volunteer


Instructions & Graphic designed by Kelly Quane, Communications Volunteers

Looking for some fun games to play while staying at home? Here are some resources to help you connect with family and friends.

  1. Board Game Arena is a fantastic resource if you want to play board games remotely with friends and family. There is a free version, but in my experience it works better if one person in the party has a premium membership (it’s not that expensive and only one player needs it). They have an extensive selection of games that you can play in real time virtually. I recommend 7 Wonders if you have a large group!
  2. If you are a fan of Codenames there is a free site to play that virtually. This works best when you additionally set up a video call with all players. My Aunt teaches English in Argentina and I have been helping out with some of the classes from here in NY – we love playing codenames for during this time.
  3. Do you have a deck of cards lying around? If you have young kids, I recommend looking at this article with directions on how to play 10 kid friendly card games, including Go Fish, Crazy Eights, and Rummy. If you are looking for some new card games that are more advanced, here is a great resource for that, just click on the name of the card game that looks interesting to you and the instructions on how to play will be provided.
  4. One last thing, it makes a fun daytime activity to have kids make their own board games. Here is an article to get you started, but really this can be a very creative space for kids to use their imaginations and knowledge.

Article Submitted by Andrea Boitnott, Communications Volunteer

Volunteer Spotlight

David X. Lin

Volunteer: Breakfast Club Team

Profession: Finance

Years Volunteering at the House: 2 years

How you got involved: All throughout my academia, I’ve volunteered in various organizations within my school, helping those in need with the time I have available. A fulfilling experience for me was being able to use my polyglot skills to translate for families in need.

Someone who I look up to has dedicated much of his time helping RMHNY grow, now, like passing on the torch – I plan to continue that same path.

Favorite Activity: Secret Santa Workshop

Volunteer Goal: Keeping the tummies of children and parents full in the morning. And remember guys, breakfast is the most important meal of the day!

Most Memorable Experience:One year, around Christmastime, I stayed in NYC to help out the house with their annual Secret Santa’s Workshop. The workshop is designed for parents only, where they can shop around for the right gift for their children. I have never seen so many toys in one room, the organizers weren’t kidding when they titled it “Santa’s Workshop” where, we, as volunteers were the elves.

There was Christmas music playing in the background, hot chocolate, and a room full of happy faces.

“RMHNY brings professionalism and dedication together from both the staff and the volunteers who work together toward the same common goal" - David X. Lin

Article Submitted by Helena Russo, Communications Volunteer


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