Lam Kennedy Joseph Class of 2018 - "Light of the nation"

My Background

  • I am 18 years old
  • I am from Owing Ki Bul Village, in Eastern Equatoria, South Sudan
  • I am a member of the Acholi tribe
  • My family now lives in Adjumani, Uganda to escape the violence in South Sudan

My Story

If I had not heard about LASS from a radio announcement, I am sure I would be laying bricks. LASS is giving me the opportunity to have a successful lifeLASS is unique because of the discipleship program and we eat together as a family. My teachers have encouraged me to have a balanced life that takes includes my social, physical, mental and spiritual being, so when I am not studying I really enjoy playing futball!

My dream is to be a part of the change in South Sudan. The diversity has brought all of us together even though we are from different tribes and cultures. I really want to be a leader for South Sudan. If I were president I would promote love for one another to bring about peace and unity. South Sudan needs good governance, God-fearing leaders and love for one another among all the people.

My goal in life is to become an engineer. I want to be part of the people who design the infrastructure in South Sudan for it to become a great country. - Lam July 2017

My Vision For The Future

  • My time at LASS is preparing me to be a part of the change for the society where I live.
  • I want to convey the cooperation I have learned in decision making and respect for others in my professional life
  • I hope to be a good steward in servant leadership and work for all people irrespective of tribe
  • I want to be a job creator
  • I hope to visit the United States to learn skills that I can use to serve South Sudan

Romans 3:23 is my favorite scripture verse because is contains a message for us to submit to God. - Lam, July 2017

For me to fulfill these dreams I humbly request continued financial support and I will glorify Jesus Christ for giving me the opportunity for a better future. My prayers are for the LASS family, a good life and academic excellence.

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