Spiders By Josiah

Spiders come in many different sizes. Some are venomous, some are harmless.

They have 2 eyes or sometimes 6.

Some are big enough to eat birds and some have enough venom to kill 60 men in 2 hours.

The Goliath bird eating spider is the biggest spider in the world. It has a leg span of 28cm and 11.9cm is the length of its body.
there are 40,000 different species of spider in the world!

Some spiders are amazing, like this peacock spider.


Created with images by ROverhate - "jumping spider spider insect" • jonrawlinson - "Jon and the Bird-eating tarantula" • wwarby - "Orange Striped Bird Eating Spider" • WikiImages - "zebraspinne spider tiger spider" • Bergadder - "spider with araneidae" • Hugo Quintero - "Tarantula Eyes - Ojos de Tarántula" • edenpictures - "Goliath Bird Eater" • skeeze - "world earth planet"

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