Fizz Fest 2020

Aelias McHam is featured above in the header.

On August 8th, 2020, more than a 1,000 Daybreak Residents celebrated the arts with a COVID modified Fizz Fest. Fizz Fest is an annual art event hosted by LiveDAYBREAK. The event was held at the lake on North Shore and hosted more than a dozen artists. Each artist worked on his or her creations live. Participants were encouraged to bring their family, friends and take an evening stroll past the artists.

Heathen Highlanders, a 12 member Scottish Bagpipe Band, provided a vibrant performance in traditional kilts and additional Scottish attire.
Elizabeth Hovley created a beautiful landscape portrait using various techniques and colors with acrylic paint.
M'lynn of Sunshine Chalk Art returned to Daybreak to create another fantastic piece. M'lynn has created many art pieces in Daybreak. Her work is featured at Biscotts, The Break, The Porch, and The Daybreak HOA Office.
Juan Pollock & Fred Conlon from Sugar Post brought miniature Bike Monsters for purchase. Juan and Fred created the life-sized Bike Monsters scattered around Daybreak.
Angela White, from Northern Moon Artisans, displayed a wide array of multi-toned stained glass art.
Camille Grimshaw created a whimsical chalk art mermaid in honor of the water surrounding North Shore.
Skyler Wefer presented on creating Multi-Medium art, which included colored pencils and paint pens.
Latin Dancers from DF Studio brought the heat with a performance on the Information Cottage porch.
Jonathan Sherman brought the Chalk Bus to Daybreak for the first time. Residents were able to use the Bus to create and display their own art.
Gerry Swanson, from Silent Swan Art, created a masterpiece with just spray paint.
This Voodoo LED Hula Hoop Dancer helped light up the night with her psychedelic colored hoops.
Voodoo Fire Dancers put on a show that included torches, extreme heat, and gasps from the crowd.

Myles Howell, a stone sculptor, was also featured at Fizz Fest. You will be able to see his work at our upcoming 2020 Art Avenue Display.

We would like to thank all those that helped and participated in this event, including a big thanks to Daybreak Community Association for allowing us to use North Shore.

We look forward to having a COVID-19 free Fizz Fest 2021!


Photo's were taken by Lizzy Williams