In a sunny day in Jeddah a 20 years old girl was setting & watching TV. Her mom is calling her Mar Mar I have a good news. Mar looks at her mom with a big smile & says what is it. Mom: We are traveling to paris to go to Disney land .

Mar start to jump & laugh. She hugs her mom. Mar: Oh gosh its my dream since ever Finally I will meet my favourite characters.

Mar meets her friend Bash with excitement. Bash looks at Mar & asks: What? Mar smiles & look at Bash & says I am going to Disneeeeeeey land Paris this summer. Bach looks with a yellow smile but we have a summer internship. Mar stands still & looks at her.

Mar looks around she puts her hand on her face. She goes to department chair office sweating badly. She looks at him and start to talk without stoping moving her hands, body ..... The chair of department looks at her & says stop Mar, I will talk to the company & tell them you will travel this summer for 3 weeks so you will be good no worries. Mar smiles

Mar starts her summer internship. She works daily from 12 to 14 hours daily. She returns back home & keep sending work emails. Every day she goes to film sets. Its so dusty. She keeps coughing endlessly.

Mar keeps organising stuf from schedules to props to many things. Then in the middle of the day she have her breath relief medication to continue working.
At the end of the work day Mar stands smiling & proud of her daily accomplishments.
Time passes. 2 days left for Paris. Half of her energy is gone. Her asthma is effecting her daily life. She is not prepared yet for traveling yet.
" I am a body without a soul currently" Mar says

Mar enters the airplane & takes a deep breath. She enters with her right foot hoping this is a real vacation she will have.

Finally we are in Paris, Mar says.
Its a cloudy day in Paris. Everything looks filtered & fixed. She walks around, an old man playing music. An air breeze hits her face with rain dots.
The smell of the butter all over the street. She stands still in front of the bakery. People walks around her. They are talking. She hears a magical french music. She sets, Eiffel tower is her view.
Mar starts to eat this crunchy croissant from outside & soft from inside. She start to have very small sips of coffee she is afraid that this magical moment finishes.

Suddenly her phone starts to ring. She answers its a work call. Mar looks up in the sky then she opens her laptop and replies: ok I will send you the list rignt now & contact the executive producer.

Mar returns to the hotel to continue working beside the bed. Her mom informs tomorrow we are going to disneyland early morning & today we will have dinner at the shanzelize street. Mar: Mom today I will continue working so I go to Disneyland tomorrow.

Mar keeps working on her laptop continuously without stoping. suddenly starts to cough strongly. She stops working. The air from the window starts to get colder. Mar looks up and start to breath. She looks & she sees her breath reliever 2 meters away.

Mar looks at the table. The Ventolin seems very far. Mar continue coughing. Mar puts her hand on the bed. She is trying to stand. Every time she stands, she coughs over & over so she stets on the floor.

Mar looks around & she keeps looking up. She start to breath hardly. After few minutes she becomes dizzy. She lost track where is the reliever, as if it is an on off mood. Suddenly she is in & in other moment she is off. Her hands & feet becomes numb. Mar puts her head on the bed. Looking around hoping someone will rescue her.

Everything looks like a strike. She rubs her eyes, move her hand left & right. She stops & keeps coughing.
Mar decides to crawl to reach the table. She crawls. Mar looks around. Time is so slow as it stopped. She finally reaches to the table . Mar start to look close to see the reliever. She finally holds it. Suddenly she hears a noise from outside. She cannot recognise who.

Her mom opens the door & see Mar on the floor crawling with a blue face. The mom freaks out. Mar looks at her mom & the reliever fall from her hand. Mar tears & tears, all we her is an incomplete breath. She looks down & the mom is still freaking out. Mar looks at her mom then to the reliever.

Her mom finally understood she got the reliever & she gives it ti Mar. Mar start to get the reliever & she smiles.


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