Gabby's First Semester By: Gabby Mays

During my first semester I made a lot of new friends. For a lot of people, they say I was their first friend when they moved here(I think that is just because I talk a lot). And now, most of the new people that I met are some of my closest and best friends.

I have made many new teachers since my first semester. Some of them don't even teach me but we still talk they they do. I am very thankful for the teachers I have com across this semester, they have changed my life.

For this past Christmas I got a Texas A & M Veterinary Science book. I have wanted this book for so long! This book is a actual collage coarse. At the end of the book I have to do 500 hours of veterinary assistance. When I am all done I will be a certified veterinary assistant. I don't normally have time for it because of school, but when I do I crank out a bunch. I REALLY want to do this and not give up. :)


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