A Wound Left Unhealed The Two IDENTITIES of the pine ridge reservation


The very essence of a people. Of where they came from. Of what they hope to achieve. The definition of a culture and way of life.

Ripped from the shoulders of a proud nation. In a systematic attempt to eradicate an entire culture. 58 million acres of sacred land stolen. 1000’s of civilians slaughtered. Entire communities displaced and starved. A culture made criminal

The Lakota identity has been under attack for hundreds of years, but never lost. But the wounds of history run deep. The onslaught continues

The Pine Ridge Indian Reservation lies on the southern border of South Dakota. Many residents live in extreme poverty and poor housing conditions. Jobs are difficult to come by. Life expectancy for males is the lowest in the world. Teen suicide and drunk driving accidents are widespread. And alcoholism and drug abuse are commonplace

In the midst of the vast land of rolling hills and mountainous buttes the people are stuck between two worlds. Two identities.

There isn’t a simple solution because the war to destroy the Lakota identity hasn’t ended.

And wounds cannot heal with the knife still in place.

Created By
Alyssa Mae

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