Black and White Artistry R. S. Chicago Photography Classes

Beginning September 11th

Join international award winning photographer Jim Welninski and learn how to produce Black and White prints that command attention.

This course is about discovering your own artistic vision and using the unique strengths of the black and white photograph to bring that vision to life. Black and white photography offers you the opportunity to take a step back from the world you see and create the world you imagine by taking a journey inward, shining a mirror on yourself, and reflecting what you see and feel back into the world through your work. You can view a video of editing a photo from beginning to end at the bottom of this page.

The world of black and white is a dream world where anything is possible; a world where mood is king, where composition is queen, and where light reigns supreme. Great black and white photography is a deliberate art with where every detail is significant and where there is little room for error.

Some of the topics covered in this class include:

• The unique ability of black and white photography to create mood and emotion

• Developing your own artistic vision

• Previsualization of the final image

• Mapping post-processing before actually starting

• Controlling light distribution to create depth

• Sculpting light to create your vision

• Creating a print to present your vision to others.

Join us on this journey into the world of black and white photography; a world where the only map is the one inside of you.

Images Created By Some Of Our Students:

From Left to Right (top to bottom): Federica Ghidelli, Thomas Quinn, Heather Moss, Rachel Gerber, J. DeCara (2 Photos)

Jim had a successful career in working in the visual arts for more than 20 years, but only when working in black and white did he begin to find his own voice, leading to multiple international awards and a successful photography practice.

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