Native American Education Program By: Dayanara

What is Native American Education Program?

The Native American Education Program is an U.S. Department of Education that are designed to meet the language, and educational needs of American Indian students, and ensure that all students meet challenging State academic standards.

What is the problem ?

The problem is that the federal government was sending American Indians off-reservation to boarding schools while the U.S was in war with the Indians.

Off- reservation schools

Who was the most important people involved and why did they got involved?

John Collier was an important person involved because he believed that dignity and power of the person and the future could be ensured by only revitalizing , as stated " the future ,could be ensured only by revitalizing and enriching the social group until is adequate to human nature" ( wishart1) this evidence shows that John Collier got involved because he believed that the dignity,power and the future only belongs to the person, and could also be revitalized.( new life)

This image is about john Collier.

What Action did the person take as a result of the event/ problem?

John Collier run the adult education program and Collier fought for a liberalization of government policy toward the Indians that was toward confiscating Indian lands and self-government.

What changes occurred?

Some changes that occurred are that Indian Boarding Schools in American society were established on and off reservations throughout the United States so they can send American Indians to that place, political leaders promoted to approach to the "Indian problem" because it was easy for them to send them at that place.


In conclusion the federal government was sending American Indians off- reservation boarding schools while they were in war,Collier became involved because his appointment helped shape the federal policy,and because he believed that the dignity and power were essential,Indian boarding schools were established off-reservation boarding schools throughout the United States.

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