Tour of the Harn By michael Larratt

Medium of the Art

The first piece of art to really grab my attention was a sculpture by Jack Nichelson. The sculpture is presented as a box environment and is flush with dark colors such as black, gray and red, and then contrasted by deep whites. The box environment is decorated with a very abstract and chaotic seen featuring what appears to be a bus mixed with a criminal's car, and a nuclear missile. Both the colors and the fact that the medium of the art is a sculpture allow one to better understand the chaotic nature of the work. The most striking thing about the medium of the work is the fact that it is it's own environment. All of the pieces of the sculpture are contained within their own little world and this really distinguishes itself from anything else in the room. The artwork communicated chaos and anarchy to me and it made me feel a little bit anxious because of the nature of those two things.

Design of the museum

One exhibit in the museum that was particularly appealing to me was the American Abstract art exhibit. Upon entering this room I felt a slight sense of irony. There was no order to the layout of the room, but the room did not seem cluttered or a mess. It seemed clean and natural. The room itself felt dreamlike, as everything in the room including the art pieces were not normal, however despite these things the room itself did not feel strange to me. The exhibit definitely made me feel like I was in a dream as it had this irony with normal and the abnormal.

Art and Core Values

One example of artwork at the Harn that appeals to my core values was the exhibit of European prints from the mid 18th century. These works appealed to my core value of humility. The visual representations of these pieces often features some grand piece of architecture that is then contrasted with some insignificant looking humans. The works remind me that I am not the center of the universe and they push me to be more selfless and keyed into the world around me. This works to reaffirm my core value of humility.

Art and the Good Life

One work of art that I believe conveys a good life costume is the "Chinese" Style Fancy Dress Costume. I believe this conveys the theme of celebration. This work of art communicates the celebration good life theme through its ornate and flashy decor, as well as its bright colors. The theme is also communicated as the costumes primary use is for dancing during celebrations and holidays. This helps me understand the good life theme a bit more because it shows an example of a welcoming and ornate piece meant to bring joy for a celebration.

All photos taken by Michael Larratt


All photos taken by Michael Larratt

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