Hamilton He didn't throw away his shot

Presentation by Brooke Kenworthy and Austin Morse


Alexander Hamilton's story of struggle began very young. Born in 1757 on the island of Nevis in the Carribean, his father left him and his mother alone early on, and soon after his mother became ill and died. He stood up against the odds and, in 1772, he made his way to New York City to get his education. After college, he served in the Continental Militia. He faces problems with acceptance and respect.

Courageous acts

When Hamilton was upset or needed to get his point across, he wrote. He wrote feverously to prove his point or to make a point. He faced mane challenges in terms of his time battle but his primary challenges were polictically. His motivation was a better America for all. He sacrificed his family time, son, and in the end, his own life for what he believed in. He premoted and was against so many things in his political and military career that it is hard to determine how his efforts were successful in each endeavor. However, overall he made an impact on each person he met and on each issue he faced. And all of his small acts combined composed a large expression left by Alexander Hamilton on the world.


This story has helped me open up to speaking my opinion and applying for SGA, CLA, and other school activities. You should speak your mind no matter what.

This story has inspired me to know that whatever challenge I face, if I work hard enough, I can overcome it.

I know that you already know this story, but you can learn to be unabashedly yourself, don't be afraid to voice what's in your heart, and most important of all to "not throw away your shot"

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