Yemeni Civil War Is peace possible in Yemen and by whom, who are the good guys?

It was challenging to figure out what events happened in each stages because from research, it sounds like Yemen has always been in corruption. I think that it's interesting how this war has impacted the civilians so much, so many have died from different organizations, I don't know who the good guys are anymore. Based on this revolution, not all revolutions start out with the same problems. I chose to study Yemen because I wanted to learn whose fighting who.

Incubation Stage

Yemen is the poorest country in the Arab region due to economic conditions, unemployment, and corruption. Yemen's unemployment rate on January 2011, was at 29%. The wars in the past(Persian Gulf War: Saudi Arabia and the 1994 civil war) have greatly reduced Yemen's economic system and always need aid from multiple organizations. Since Yemen is the poorest country, the government's been corrupted for years and there is always violence settling.

Systematic Stage

On January 27 2011, 16,000 protesters in Sanaa chanted for the president, Ali Abdullah Saleh to step down as president. After Ali Abdullah Saleh revealed that he won’t run for president for the next election, there has been an increment amount of protesters. Protesters would hold rallies against the government and on March 7th, security at a prison killed prisoners who tried to corrupt the government and almost 40 protesters died on March 18. On September 2011, Anwar al-Awlaki, an Islamic lecturer that planned out terrorists attack for Al- Qaeda, was assassinated by US forces.

Crisis Stage

After 2012, crisis grows stronger in Yemen. More than 10, 000 civilians have died, including that a child dies every ten minutes due to starvation and health issues. Rebellions by the name of Houthis, was formed by Hussein Badreddin al-Houthim and started terrorists attacks in 2004 and have taken action into an uprising against Yemen’s government. On September, 2014, Houthis take over the capital Sanaa in Yemen and in 2015, the leader of Al Qaeda was killed by a drone attack by the US. Sadly in October 2016, Saudi-led launched an airstrike and it collided with a funeral, killing more than a 100 and injuring 500. Yemen has been in crisis for years and it never stops.

Convalescence Stage

Yemen is not in the convalescence stage, war is still breaking out every day. Houthis are trying to take over Yemen's government, we have Saudi Arabia bombing areas in Yemen and the US is doing the best they can to help Yemen from being thrown out.

Yemeni Civil War vs. French Revolution

Both revolutions had someone with power, France had the king Louis XVI and Yemen had the president Ali Abdullah Saleh. Both started because France's peasants were poor, paid high taxes and Yemen is also the poorest country in the Arab region and has a high unemployment rate. Many civilians have died in the French revolution for protesting and also in Yemen. Also France was fighting each other because peasants were poor, Yemen civilians were also fighting the government because of unemployment rates, food, and corruption.

Yemen hasn't reached the convalescence stage but French revolution did. The French revolution had 5 different kings until the war ended and Yemen only has one president. France had three estates, first and second were the wealthiest and had power, but the third estate was poor which started the revolution, Yemen doesn't have different estates and the war started because of corruption. King Louis XVI was an absolute monarch and Ali Abdullah Saleh is a democratic leader.


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