Things Not Seen By Andrew Clements

The Characters:

Bobby is the main character, a average fifteen year old boy. he audacious, imaginative, and apprehensive.

Next is Emily, or Mom. She is often referred to as the Director, because she likes to bark orders at other people. She is imperious, caring, and clever.

Then there's David, or Dad. He is a big science nerd, which is a good thing because he works as a scientist. He is vapid, factual, and supportive.

Finally, there's Alicia. She is the blind girl that Bobby runs into(literally) at the library. She is fiesty, trustworthy, and sarchastic.

The Setting:

The settings are; the Phillips' Residence, the library, and Sears.

The Summary of the story(With the Most Important events)

In the beginning, Bobby wakes up invisible. The next day, he literally runs into Alicia, a blind girl, at the library. They become wonderful friends, but that's only after she learns that Bobby is invisible and NOT a shirtless creep. After he, Bobby, gets home he gets into a fight with his father and the result isn't good. A car accident involving his parents leaves him awestruck. A few days later a child services inspector comes to find out whats really up. Fortunately, Emily is a smart woman and gets away with the secret. They find out that Bobby's problem might have been caused by an electric blanket. the two scientist fathers are able to reverse the bad magnetic field in the blanket and turn Bobby visible again.

My opinion on the book

In my opinion, the book had a wonderful plot line, however it was confusing, especially at the end. He doesn't specify how exactly he gets visible again. If I were to be able to vote on this book, out of five stars , it would honestly be...................................................3 and 1/2 stars. Why? Because the story was told in a not very descriptive point of view and I couldn't really understand what was going on very well.

Alicia, Bobby, and Book Cover

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