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My organisms' genus name is called a Hyacintho corusco camouflage. its common name is called a Cami, because their flakey coral-like scales lets them hide from predators. Also because in the day time its hard for predators to catch them because of there mirror like scales.

Cami's live in the Aphotic zone. Cami's survive by eating detritus or other animals. They can adapt to living with no light, their mirror like scales gives off light for them to see in the dark. It can also travel through the midnight zone where there is low density and diversity of marine life.

The Aphotic zone starts at 200 m and can reach to 10,000 m.

Cami's use their scales to protect themselves from predators during night and day. Their scales are very significant because their are camouflaged to catch there prey and hide from their enemies.

Cami's have mirror like scales like this.

Most Cami's are benthic, which means they are adapted to dwell at the bottom of the ocean floor. They are designed to survive in deep cold water and survive in very high pressure.

Cami's way of living is similar to the Anglerfish, these fish also use camouflage to catch their prey.

Since Cami's are apart of the aphotic zone they can live off detritus and other animals.

Cami's are about can grow to be at least 10 inches.

Cami's are blue with a shimmery scale, they also have greenish dark blue flakes on the top. These features help them to blend in with the ocean water to catch there prey. And their shimmery scales is also an advantage because it acts as a mirror and distracts their predators. Their shimmery scales also help them see through the dark. That's how Cami's are given their name because Hyacintho corusco camouflage is Latin for blue shimmer camouflage.

Cami's have gills all over there body to help them breathe in the water.

Cami's reproduce by males fertilizing the females egg, once the male does its matting call.


Created with images by tanakawho - "Cyprinodont" • Stephen Childs - "Antennarius pictus - Juvenile Painted FrogFish"

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