Life of a Oversear Tamara Brown

My name is Tamara Brown, and I am stay at home mom. I am currently homeschooling my oldest son, and working on a Bachelors Degree to become a teacher. I recently finished a certification to become a Professional Photographer.
Enjoying the Zoo in Jamaica
I am a loving wife and a mother of 3 two boys and a little girl. It is a very hard job however, it comes with its rewards. I love to see the smiling faces on my family it warms my heart.
Photobombed by the doggy
Statue of Liberty Park in Misawa Japan

Living in Japan has giving me the opportunity to teach my Culture to the local children at their elementary schools. This along with homeschooling my oldest is what gave me the motivation to become a teacher.

Doing the Usain Bolt. Or Bolto has the Japanese calls him

Teaching my students how to cook a Jamaican dish.

Its Domino time the Jamaican way.

Random dance time.

My students love to pose the Bolto way.

maybe I will get them to do a new pose next time.

My helpful translator.

I love getting on the same level has my kids, they be thinking I am crazy.

A Jamaican class is nothing without learning some words.

Bunny ears the famous Japanese pose.

My family and I go on a lot of road trips to see that sights that Japan has to offer. My husband and I like to be spontaneous and pack a basket of food and we are out the door. Cherry Blossom season is our favorite time of year.You know what they say "Photos are return tickets to a special moment in your life."

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