The Adams-Onís Treaty By Peter Chapman

Spain was one of the countries involved in the the Adams-Onís Treaty. They owned the colonies of East and West Florida. They also owned present-day Mexico at the time.
The United States was the other country involved in the treaty. At this point, they had some claim of Texas. They had many states and territories in North America at the time.
John Quincy Adams was the representative for the United States in the Adams-Onís Treaty. Luis de Onís y González-Vara was the representative for Spain.
This treaty was partially caused by the Seminole Indians of Florida. They were freeing slaves in the United States and taking them to Florida.
The United States's claims in Texas were given to Spain in this treaty.
Spain's claims of Florida were given to the United States.
The United States paid an additional five million dollars because Florida was bigger than the United States's claims of Texas.


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