CARNEGIE Captain of industry

Andrew Carnegie, the man of the Gilded Age. All his hard work and effort from day one of constructing his steel industry payed off.

In the Gilded Age, there were no rules on business. Carnegie was a man with a plan on how to run his company, from how to drive other steel companies out of businesses to how much to play his workers.

Andrew Carnegie, carrying his business to the top.

His industry paved America, quite literally. He took control of his company to provide the railroad companies with steel. With that steel, railroads were built across America which helped Carnegie as well. Those railroads made with his steel provided his with transportation to get his steel across the country quickly to sell more.

There were no rules when Carnegie was building his company. Minimum wages were not established yet nor was the regulation of working conditions. He provided that bare minimum for his workers to insure that he was using everything in his power to gain power.

In addition, he established the "Carnegie Corporation." The charity tries to spread knowledge and understanding of the business world.

Carnegie's business changed the urban world. With his steel, skyscrapers were able to be constructed and more business are now able to thrive.

New York, 1900

Cities have changed since 1900. The advances in technology have shaped cities. New York City is an example of how technology has made the city very advanced.

Bill Gates, the richest man of the 21st century right now. He created "Microsoft." Many of his technology advances help brighten Time Square, NYC on billboards.

The billboards were able to be created by Bill Gates and many of these boards are advertisements for "Microsoft"

His creation of "Microsoft Office" has changed the educational world for the better. students can type essays much faster now.

He donates to the ALS Association, "Make A Child Smile Appeal," "Comic Relief," and many more.

Gates and his wife also founded their own charity. This charity supports health and education around the world.

Both Andrew Carnegie and Bill Gates have their own charities to help improve the world, in addition to what they created.

Overall, Bill Gates has helped society and everyone in it in someway. Either with technology or with his charity.


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