With Week 5 almost a wrap, that means there are really only eight weeks left to get everything you can out of this quarter. The incentives for you and your team to dominate keep getting better. Who is going to take the lead in the FAME your way to Pebble Beach contest?

If you drive your veteran production, you're much more likely to be enjoying the view on the scenic seventh hole at Pebble Beach.

Superstar veteran contest underway

Hot off the presses comes an opportunity for your whole team to shine. The Superstar contest runs from Week 5-13. Associates with at least 105* weeks at contest start date must achieve 10 percent year-over-year growth for Traditional EAP for 3-249 lives for the contest period and a minimum of $15,000 in Traditional EAP for 3-249. The top 30 associates per territory with highest percentage of overall year-over-year AP growth win the trip to WWHQ. Be sure to share the flier and take a look at the comps to last year.

Additionally, for every territory, the MKD, MKT and MAA from the market with the most associate winners will join the crew in Columbus, Georgia, at Worldwide Headquarters during Employee Appreciation Week May 3-5, 2017. You'll even have dinner with Chairman and CEO Dan Amos. Drive this contest through your organization and help your team win an experience they won't forget.

A big shoutout to Northeast TVP Ken Meier and the Northeast team who finished out the week on a 13 percent increase. Great job, Northeast. And how about North TVP Joe Garcia and the North territory team? Not only did they finish the week on a 7.5 percent increase, they had back-to-back weeks with an increase. Keep it up, North territory! Let's look at the weekly and quarterly sales leaders:

The winners are in!

See how many of your RSCs had recruiting hits that landed them a win in the GRAMMYs® Contest.

Congratulations to our four trip winners:

Also, a special mention to our 24 runners-up;

The National Sales Training and Recruiting team is working directly with the trip winners to get everything set up for their bucket-list experience. Runners-up will receive payment via direct deposit in the near future. Have questions? Email the NSRinform@aflac.com.

Update on FAME exceptions and targets

  • Q4 FAME exceptions and annual SIP exceptions will be finished this week.
  • It will be Week 8 before Existing AP changes for FAME show up on RPM.
  • Quota files were sent out last week and RPM will be updated once those files are received.

Get your market on track: An explosion of training information

The new training dashboard

Aflac is rolling out a training dashboard linked to Academy Connect, as well as interactive new career and broker training programs. These innovations are focused on two things: building skills and knowledge in the short term and developing a training process that changes the culture of a market over time.

Coming soon: Your SABA scorecard

It should come as no surprise that associates who are better trained produce more – so we’re bringing you a dashboard in Q1 that’ll allow you to track recruit training and compare it to their production. In order for this to work, market trainers must log in to SABA to create and manage their courses. Contact Russ Barrett if you have any questions or concerns.

Market Director Robert Ferrone endorses the Career Flight Simulator.

“When coordinators left the training, they BELIEVED their training capacity increased – and when confidence increases, recruiting naturally follows.” - Robert Ferrone

Adults don’t learn through slide presentations – they learn by interacting with their colleagues and putting things into practice. After using the two-day training course that bridged the gap between EDGE theory in the classroom and practical sales in the field, MKD Robert Ferrone and team hit FAME for the first time in 56 consecutive quarters. Contact Amy Ludwick today and learn how you can customize this program to fit your market’s specific strategy and needs.

Broker Track: A course to boost broker business

Taking a two-pronged approach to learning, the Broker Track program ensures buy-in at every level and gives attendees a chance to test drive their new skills before building on the results.

  1. Market leader support. Leaders are asked to fully prepare for the training. This includes setting dates, assigning brokers to agents, introducing the broker CRM and ensuring associates complete two e-learning courses.
  2. Associate commitment. Attendees must commit to participating in three different sessions spaced several weeks apart. After each training, associates will complete their broker field homework assignments and bring their results back to the classroom, where they can develop their broker communication strategies and close business.

Contact Senior Manager of Broker Sales Training Shawn McDermott to find out how you can launch Broker Track in your market.

How to hit asset management out of the park

Helping her market pull huge increases in the past two years, Senior Training and Leadership Development Manager Jackie Castro has asset management down to a science. Check out this video to hear how she drives Power Weeks productivity, engages veterans and gets her coordinators jazzed about new opportunities.

There will be no call next week; however, there will be a live veteran webcast titled "How to maximize your compensation" on Tuesday, Feb. 7. There are two different times to choose from: The first one will run from from 12:30 to 1:15 p.m. EST, and the second one will run from 2:30 to 3:15 p.m. EST. More communication will follow later this week.

Thanks for everything you do. Make it a great week.

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