Dumpster diving Dumpster diving & politiek activisme


In hoeverre kan het fenomeen dumpster diving gezien worden als een vorm van politieke activisme/participatie?

Doel en relevantie: Bredere politiek context en nieuwe vormen van actief burgerschap. Beweegredenen in kaart brengen en koppelen aan mondiale processen van opkomend activisme.

Empirisch veld: Interviewen van dumpster divers en eventuele community. Eventuele supermarkt basen/restaurants naar ervaringen vragen.

Link met de cursus: Duurzaamheid & Voedsel

Food and Culture - Counhian & Esterik: “There is the odd paradox—the casualness with which they will throw something into the dumpster, and the lengths they will go to protect it once it’s there. How an innocent and harmless act—dumpster diving—will be confronted by greedy shop- keepers, store managers, and employees with scathing words, rage, and violence” (Anonymous 2001: 72).

Food and Culture - Counhian & Esterik: "A study recently released by USDA estimates that between production and end use, more than a quarter of the food produced in the United States goes to waste" (Counhian & Esterik 2013: 563)

Food and Culture - Learning Democracy Through Food Justice Movements: "In this paper I will examine food justice movements as a valuable site for counter- ing the identity of the person only as a consumer, and as a place for learning active democratic citizenship."(Counhian & Esterik 2013: 588)

Rapport Rijksoverheid: "Verminderen van voedselverspilling, ervaren belemmeringen rond wetten en regelgeving"

Gastcollege's van Taste Before you Waste.


Created with images by Kai Hendry - "Guy sadly dumpster diving outside my window :("

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