Matrix Artist Community + Recruitment 2021

education for every stylist

Matrix Artist Network

Whether fresh out of beauty school, working at a well-established salon or starting your own business, our network of Matrix Artists supports hairdressers from all walks of life through:

  • Online education
  • In-person classes
  • Peer-to-peer mentorship

We inspire every stylist to: Think. Believe. Dream. Dare. So everyone can cut, color and style with confidence.

Meet Our Artistic Directors!

Are the stylists and salon owners you work with looking for best in class education and inspiration? This is the team for them!

Our Matrix Artistic Directors not only help drive the trends we see in our educational and marketing materials, but they also are a fantastic way for our salon partners to use their Level Loyalty Points to grow their business and reignite themselves and their teams.

These Artists are dedicated to bringing techniques to life in a customizable way. Whether its Avante Garde and Inspirational or Consumer Friendly Techniques, this team has you covered!

Have You Met Our Technical Directors?

Talk about experts! The Matrix Technical Directors are the leaders in all things Product Knowledge. From the Chemistry of Color, to Hair Structure to Key Ingredients and Technologies, this team has you and your salon partners covered!

These unique team can be found on Instagram and Facebook, Virtual and Live Shows + Events, Regional Events, ACCESS Modules (internal and external) and even in-salon!

Those salon partners looking to grow their expertise in the FUN-damentals and new technologies, can use their Level Loyalty Points to book a Technical Director.

Check Out Our Social Ambassadors!

While our Directors have all things education covered, the Ambassadors and Influencers featured here are your go-to for all things social! From stories, to reels and the engaging post, this team has you covered!

You'll notice several new faces to the line up this year and we are so excited for the new energy they will bring to our brand on all social platforms. Be sure to click "follow" and share their content with your salon partners!

Introducing the Matrix Texture Squad!

We are so excited to introduce our NEW Matrix Texture Squad!! As the most inclusive brand in the industry, we empower hairdressers of all ages, backgrounds and levels of expertise with the tools and self-assurance to deliver next level looks. That starts with Mentors fully committed to not only embracing, but celebrating all hair patterns and diameters.

This team not only has extensive training in techniques focused on all hair types, but also guest consultation + verbiage, product selection and even the history of hairdressing and how culture influences our industry and our conversations as mentors.

Meet Our Rising Stars!


Trying to find a new Matrix Artist to welcome into one of your partner's salon companies? This team is the team to watch as we move into 2021! This group hosts a variety of skill sets, areas of expertise, personalities and behind the chair lifestyles and still have one thing in common...they are passionate about sharing what they know in the most impactful way!

Reach out to the team for more information on any of the artists featured here! We are excited to share more of them with all of you!!

And Our Digital Rising Stars!


This past year taught us many things and one at the top of this teams list is VIRTUAL EXPERIENCES! We have not only seen stylists and salon owners lean into virtual education, but for some, this has become a new favorite method for receiving their education.

The Artists featured here are equally as excited about the virtual experience and are ready to bring their A-Game to your salon partners. Again, you'll notice a variety of skills and expertise to suit all of your salon partners!

Invite Your Salon Partners to Become an Artist!

artist Requirements

  • Passion to share with hairdressers from all walks of life.
  • The ability to present with confidence, enthusiasm and a positive attitude.
  • Possess the ability to be flexible, adaptable and work well under pressure.
  • A solid technical skillset in cutting, coloring and styling on all patterns and diameters.
  • Current licensed cosmetologist with at least 2 years industry experience.
  • Must be currently using a minimum of 2 Matrix Color and Hair Care/Styling products behind the chair.

If this sounds like a stylist you work with, please have them fill out an online application at: