My Life eleonora poli

My Life

My name is Eleonora Poli, I’m almost eleven years old. I was born in Mendrisio, Swizerland, in the 21st November 2005. I have lived all my life in Lugano. My parents are Italian: my mother is from Sicily and my father is from Milan. I go to school at Institute Leonardo Da Vinci and my favourite subjects are Art, English and Science. My hobbies are: reading, singing, dancing, drawing, playing volleyball, gymnastic, playing the guitar, playing the piano and shopping. I don’t have a favourite type of food because I like eatting most foods. When I am an adult, I would like to go to America and become an Actress.

My Family

There are four people in my family: my mother, my father, my little sister and me. My father likes to travel and to drive the boat. He’s funny, kind and he always helps me. He’s good in mathematics and at English. He is the CEO of a pharmaceutical company named RIVOPHARM.

My mother is a teacher. She teach in L.D.V ; she likes kids, animals, traveling and shopping. She’s kind and funny. My mother helps me with italian history, italian language and in oral subjects.

My little sister is in second grade, she’s naugty and irriating. She always disturb our dog: Tabata.

I love my family, they are so special and I won't change it for anything in the whole world.

We like to travel expecially by boat during the summer. In halloween we went to America. We did a lot of shopping on our holiday.

the american falg

My Pet

My dog name is Tabata. She’s a black labrador and she is three years old. She likes snow and eating and she is funny. Sometimes when I do my homework and I’m not looking at her she cries and she bites her tail until I stop doing my homework and start to cuddle her.

My role model

In my life I admire four people: My mother, Lilly Collins, Bonny Wright and my grandmother

Lily Jane Collins is an actress and model. Best known for her role as Clary Fray in Shadowshunters.

Bonnie Francesca Wright is an actress and British model, best known for his role as Ginny Weasley in the Harry Potter saga.

My Mother

lilly collins bonnie wright


Me and my family travel a lot, we went in a lot of fancy palce, some of them are: Barbados NYC, Maldives, Thailand. During the October holidays we went to LA to Holliwood and San Francisco.


my best friends are: Ludovica, Ksenia, Chiara, Marghe, Jovi, Franci and Maddy. i love them, they are always next to me when i need them. they are part of my life

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