Shara Coleman the memoir

Shara Coleman Sur Name Research 2/22/17 The meaning of my last name Coleman, was the name of an Irish missionary to Europe, generally known as St. Columban.The meaning of my first name Shara is "princess; a fertile plain”, because clearly i am a princess. My first name is a hebrew name, and my last name is European. While the day i was born my mother had not come up with a name for me. I started humming coming out of the womb, and my grandmother had a friend named Shara, and she knew Shara also meant she sings, So there the name had came. Coleman was very popular surname of the english and irish origin Then surprisingly my first name was an African origin. I feel like the name Shara isn't very common nowadays. Usually when people first meet me, they ask if it's more to my name. For example, “Tyshara, Lashara”. I feel as if my name is pretty simple to grasp, but also makes you wanna know more, like Who is a Shara. Wouldn't you?
Kayla & Shara
The Reformation. Shara Coleman “ I told you it was going to happen, I knew it!” I said to Mariah as we were running out of the school. At this point we knew we were in a sticky situation. We jumped into Maurice car, and proceeded to head onto lake Murray Blvd. I look at my two cousins and i can feel the anger in their eyes. My cousin Janay was sitting straight up with her fist in her hands and to my left i see Mariah clenching her teeth. Maurice kept looking at us through the mirror and it was about to tick me off. After the silenced 5 min car ride to Blaze Pizza. Janay yells “We’re going back”, “This isn't our fault.” My mouth dropped. My body then froze, it was no time to think. We had to go back. We then notice Ashley and her sister arrived at blaze, we hop into her sister's car and return back to our school. The front of Irmo High School was flooded with administrators and school police officers. Keem, a boy that we have known for years spotted us and yelled “Aye, you girls better get out of here, those girls are riding around looking for you.” The three of us had our hands on our hip just waiting, waiting on anyone to come back and try to fight us. We have had enough. After all the administrators realize that we were the risky three that just had a huge fist fight with other students. They begin to somewhat try to detain us and bring us into the main office. They file us into separate rooms and the wait begins. We handled all the proper requirements of letting our parents, the police. teachers and our administrators know what was going on and what could further escalate. Two girls, Kaykay and Emily hated our guts! One night after leaving a party down-town they stole everything out of our car and then proceeded to follow us and throw things at our car. One night they came to our job and wrecked the place. After the fake social media pages about us and all the taunts we were tired. Tired of being treated ugly for no reason, we had no prior history with these girls, They just wanted our heads. After my mom finally made it to Irmo High School, the decision was made. We weren't going to be able to return to school for the year. As i sat their furious, I spat out to the principal “ But we told you this was going to happen! Y’all should've kept them away from us!” The principal then clapped back at me and said “ But you should've had enough self-control to not hit the other student” My last and final statement to him was pointless, i assured him that i would never just stand and get beaten up. Many thoughts flooded my brain. The long dry car ride home was even worse, the silence was starting to kill me. So I kill the silence and tell my mother “Mom, please don't be disappointed in me.” She replied with a chuckle, “I'm not upset.” I spent the next morning searching on the computer. although being expelled. I found an online school called Oddessy. I filled out the application and by then end of the day they were on the phone with my mom and they explained that they don’t usually accept children that were expelled. Although, my grades were exceptional and they would allow me to finish my junior year there on a strict contract. Public school was so much easier, my grades were flying colors. Due to piles and piles of work i began overwhelmed and not able to complete all of them. By the end of the year i was exhausted, The only good i must say out of this uneasy predicament, was that i learned that i should never get out of character, especially when i have things i have worked super hard on are in jeopardy. And dwelling on the what ifs won’t change my situation. I can only work harder and make sure nothing like this happens again. Because regardless of what those girls did to us, we lost, we fell victim and were in just amount of wrong as them. Going through situations like this make you grow up. They also make you realize that every action has a reaction and its not always positive. And to never let anyone take you out of character.

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