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World Obesity Day takes place on Thursday 4th March. This activation guide should be used to support organisations and individuals with their own campaigns. It covers social media communications, campaign messaging and engagement in the run up to, on, and after World Obesity Day 2021.

The past year has demonstrated that many aspects of our health are not solely determined by ourselves, but are often shaped by our external environments. Obesity is no different, and COVID-19 has highlighted the elevated risk it can pose to our lives.

On previous World Obesity Days, we have mobilised people from across the world to recognise the root causes of obesity, increasing our knowledge of the disease, listening to the voices of people living with obesity, and empowering action to better our collective futures.

This World Obesity Day, we’re going a step further and are doubling our global efforts to increase understanding, expand support, and strengthen policies to build happier, healthier and longer lives for everybody. This year, to address the complexities of obesity, we’re calling on our global community to come together once again, because…



For World Obesity Day 2021, we want to spread the message far and wide. So, we have a number of hashtags that can help amplify the message. The core hashtags for the day that should always be included are around the day itself and this year’s theme:

#WorldObesityDay #WOD2021 #EveryBodyNeedsEverybody

We also want to engage people with why everybody is needed if we are to successfully address obesity. So when speaking about each of the different elements, we also encourage the use of the following hashtags if they are relevant to the post:

#UnderstandingForEverybody #HealthcareForEverybody #ProtectionForEverybody #NutritionForEverybody #EqualityForEverybody

Example Tweets

Here are some example tweets you can use:

  • We can only begin to address obesity when we understand the root causes. Help us by showing your support! Learn more at worldobesityday.org #UnderstandingForEveryBody #EveryBodyNeedsEverybody #WorldObesityDay
  • This #WorldObesityDay, we all must strive for the equal treatment of every body! #EqualityForEveryBody #EveryBodyNeedsEverybody
  • Have you heard? Today is #WorldObesityDay and we need you to show your support for protecting children from the impact of unhealthy food environments! Find out how we can change that: www.worldobesityday.org #ProtectionForEveryBody #EveryBodyNeedsEverybody
  • To treat diseases, we need good quality healthcare. Why should obesity be any different? Many people living with obesity around the world still don’t have access to the healthcare they need and deserve. This #WorldObesityDay, let’s change that! #HealthcareForEveryBody #EveryBodyNeedsEverybody
  • Good nutrition isn’t just down to the individual, it is determined by the society we live in. This #WorldObesityDay, let’s push for better standards, not just for ourselves, but for our children too! #NutritionForEveryBody #EveryBodyNeedsEverybody


If using photography in your campaign, take care in the selection of images. We recommend using photographs from our image bank, but if using your own photographs, be sure not to use stigmatizing images that perpetuate negative stereotypes. This could include those that focus on the abdomen or lower body, or show people living with obesity from unflattering angles, engaging in sedentary behavior or consuming unhealthy food.

Photography can be left untouched and layered with the illustrations or with a duotone, if you want to pay closer attention to the copy.

For more guidance on using imagery, as well as how to use our illustrations, typography and more, check out our Campaign Book.

Language Guidance

Talking about obesity on social media can be daunting, especially for those that have no lived experience of it. So here is some advice of a few things to remember and a list of Do’s and Don'ts:

Things to remember:

  • Each person's experience of living with obesity is unique.
  • Obesity is complex and about more than a person’s weight. It can dramatically impact their health and wellbeing.
  • The aim is to create better societies to support those currently living with obesity, and develop safe, healthy and sustainable environments conducive to good health in the future.
  • Weight bias - referring to the negative ideologies associated with obesity - often leads to stigma which is a key social determinant of health. Always be empathetic when talking about people living with obesity.


  • Do use ‘people-first’ language by using terms such as ‘people living with obesity’ rather than ‘obese people’.
  • Do focus on the collective responsibility to address the root causes of obesity embedded in both our societies and our environments.
  • Do recognise obesity as a chronic disease in its own right as well as a risk factor for other diseases.


  • Don’t focus ONLY on weight - obesity is not solely related to a person’s weight.
  • Don’t use words or labels such as ‘big’ or ‘large’ that focus excessively on size.
  • Don’t refer to ‘obese people’.
  • Don’t emphasise individual blame, self-control, the role of lifestyle and food choices. The root causes of obesity run much deeper.
  • Use clear simple language when talking about obesity in messages or content aimed at the general public. Avoid the over-use of medical terminology - we don't want to alienate or overwhelm people.

Key Stats

For this year’s World Obesity Day, we want to help people understand the scale and impact of obesity around the world.

1. 800 million people around the world are living with obesity.

2. The medical consequences of obesity will cost over $1 trillion by 2025.

3. People living with obesity are twice as likely to be hospitalized if tested positive for Covid-19.

4. Childhood obesity is expected to increase by 60% over the next decade, reaching 250 million by 2030.

Engagement tactics

Show us your ‘O’ for obesity! Simply hold your hands together in the ‘O’ shape.

Example Tweet: We want to see your ‘O’ for obesity. Take a picture of you making the ‘O’ and post it to show your support for #WorldObesityDay because #EveryBodyNeedsEverybody!

Add a frame to your profile picture

Frames will be made available at the end of February - be sure to check the World Obesity Day Resources page to download and share using this example tweet: This year #WorldObesityDay is on March 4th and the theme is #EveryBodyNeedsEverybody. Show your support by adding one of our frames to your profile picture! Download them at worldobesityday.org!

Shares & Retweets

Example Tweet: Our theme for this year’s #WorldObesityDay is that #EveryBodyNeedsEverybody. We want to spread this message as far and wide - so please share & retweet and keep an eye out for #WorldObesityDay posts throughout the day.

Download the fact sheets

Example Tweet: #DYK that obesity is no longer just a disease of rich countries? Obesity is now rising the fastest in lower- and middle-income countries. This #WorldObesityDay, download our factsheet to learn more about obesity at worldobesityday.org.

template GUIDANCE

You can download our templates here.

Step One

Pick a colour! You can choose from four of our campaign colours.

Step Two

Next, you can add your own photo in! Simply drag and drop to replace the image with an option of your choice. Resize the photo as needed to make sure there isn't any blank space. You can find alternative photos in our image bank, or choose your own.

Step Three

You can find alternative straplines for each image here. We have 14 straplines in total, covering everything from Wellbeing, Education, Safety, to Acceptance and Respect. We have Portuguese, French and Spanish versions too! Once you've chosen a strapline, import it into the template and ensure it's aligned within the guidelines.

Step Four

Next, you can change the copy - but make sure to keep to the word count.

Step Five

Now you're ready to export the PDF! Check the file once its exported, and print off if you'd like. If you need any additional support, feel free to get in touch.

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