RIFLES 5 Week 8 Combat infantryman's Course Starting Mar 2017

Blog Introduction

RIFLES Jobs will be following the men of RIFLES, 5 Platoon as they start their journey from civilians to Riflemen. 47 RIFLES Recruits started their 26 week Combat Infantryman's Course on Sunday 12th March 2017 and from now on will be known as Riflemen (Rfn). Read about their journey, their struggles, the highs, and the lows as we show you week by week what it is like to be trained by the best instructors the British Army has to offer as they strive to become a fully trained Riflemen. Each week we will bring you stories, photographs as well as introducing you to the Riflemen.

Week Eight Story

Week Eight Story

This week Rifles 5 has focused on the basics of soldiering. With some good time out on the ranges, PT and drill.

The drill is especially important now as we get ready for the week 10 'passing off the square'. This is an inspection and a drill test. Once passed the Riflemen are allowed to wear their green berets and silver bugle cap badges. It is a huge milestone and all Riflemen wear their beret with pride.

Ranges are a crucial part of training, we have been very lucky to get good weather which allows us to focus on shooting well. The focus this week has been on firing from different positions at different ranges to allow adaptability in the future.

Look forward to week eight

Next week we travel to Halton for adventurous training. This is a large part of army life where we can learn to push ourselves and get out of our comfort zones.

Some Photographs from the Week

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