Rhode Island lockdown and recent snow storms leaves small town citizens claus-trophobic this holiday season By Rose Flaherty '23

Barrington residents in the state of Rhode Island find joy in the little things despite being snowed in along with the COVID-19 lockdown. Holiday cheer remains throughout the town as R.I. preps for a dark winter ahead. The Flaherty family household remains hopeful and optimistic in these times of challenges and adversity and showcase that simply though the spirit of Christmas.

A variety of personalized ornaments remain untouched since placed delicately on the tree a few weeks ago.
The amount of snowfall decreases, but still flurries throughout the night and leaves a thin layer of snow on freshly shoveled walkways. Nighttime decorations turn on as the sky gets darker.
Wally the dog makes the smart choice to sit right in front of the fire after going for a walk in the brisk night.
The fireplace throws off enough heat to keep everyone in the household warm all day

Callum Flaherty, the photographers older brother relaxes by the fire while practicing guitar as he attempts to teach himself "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star".

Advent mittens hang above windows almost completed as the month of December comes to an end.
An ornament of the all the siblings hangs on the tree as a reminder of simpler times when families could gather from all over the world safely.
Decorations of all kinds sprinkled throughout the main living room adds a twist to the holiday season.
The star tops the tree, touches the highest point in the room, and is the biggest eye catcher in the room.
One lone Christmas gift awaits for other presents to join him under the tree as everyone anxiously looks forward for Christmas morning to come.

The fireplace crackles on a quiet night in the Flaherty household. It still roars through the night as the members of the Flaherty family settle down for the day.


Created By
Rose Flaherty