How to pack for camping Bryce Franklin

I will teach you how to pack a bag for camping. If you follow these steps to packing a bag you will be ready to go camping.

Step #1:Find a bag that will hold all of the clothes that you will be packing for your camping. The more things that you pack the bigger bag that you will need.

Step #2: I would pack old clothes to go camping in. Pack as much clothes as you want but I would always pack extra clothes, just in case you do something to get dirty or wet in.

Step #3: I would take more than one pair of shoes also. I would take a pair of sandals too, for the creek or something.

Step #4: You need to bring a tent. You need a tent to sleep in during the night, unless you have a camper.

Step #5: You also need to pack an air mattress or a sleeping bag, based on which you prefer. Also need blankets and pillows.

Step #6: You need to bring a cooler on the camping trip, and bags of ice to keep your drinks cold.

Step #7: Pack all of the stuff into the car and then you drive to the camp site. Then you unpack and get camp set up.

Who thought me how to pack for camping was my dad. He thought me how to pack clothes, shoes, and all of the other things that you need to go camping.


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