How we express ourselves PYP Exhibition


How we express ourselves


An inquiry into the ways in which we discover and express ideas, feelings, nature, culture, beliefs and values ; the ways in which we reflect on, extend and enjoy our creativity ; our appreciation of the aesthetic.

Kala Ghoda Drawing I Made
Unpacking The unit
Tuning In

6th grders talk

The 6th graders came to talk about the exhibition and they explained and talked about many things that really helped me get a better idea of the unit and what I am going to be facing. They talked about -

  • Never give up and be commited
  • Your competition is not the other group it is against yourself and your abilities.
  • Do not use google use other search engines.Site your work
  • NO plagerisim
  • Good teamwork and participation
  • Be commited, helpful, focused and help your group
  • Have fun
  • And many more things...

Week 2

My 3 Interests

On Monday we were asked to write down our top 3 references. We did this so that they can form groups with our interests. These are my 3 preferences.

  • Photography - I chose photography because I can keep the photos as memories and I can express my creativity through it. I take photos all the time but when I do take them when I am sad I cheer up. I can be myself in photography and being me and being creative is what I love ,thats why I like expressing myself through photography. Photography can be used in so many ways like magazines, evidence, memories..........
  • Music - There are so many different ways to express yourself through music but I like to sing. I sing a lot when I am sad, happy or angry but singing always helps me to be happy and positive. I am always humming and listening to music it just puts me in a good mood and helps me to concentrate a lot more, like when studying or more...
  • Marine animals - I love animals in general but I chose marine animals because a large portion of them have been extinct and I want to help. Appreciation of the aesthetic ( beauty )

Town Hall meeting

The whole of grade five gathered in a room to discuss the exhibition. We looked at a 2 videos which showed metaphors related to the exhibition.These are the videos that we saw.

  1. Bicycle tricks. It showed that you need a lot of practice to become what you want and do you want. This was really motivitional, have to be commited, but you really have to work for it and show what you really believe and value. Appreciation matters...
  2. Colours of reality. This video had shown that there are multiple ways to express yourselves but it also showed who you really are.The appreciation of the aesthetic.


Today I came to know what my group is !! My interest was Photography and my group is Ashika, Siddhant, Shreya and me. My group is small as we are 4 people but I think this is going to be fun and we will be a success. We build a bridge out of newspaper and tape, I learned that we are good at photography not engineering. I am happy with my group and the Idea. FUN !!!

Central Idea, loi and essential agreements

Today we discussed about these few things - CENTRAL IDEA, LOI AND ESSENTIAL AGREEMENTS.

Week 3

Central Idea, LOI and Forming questions

We did all of these things today and we have been coming up with many ideas and have been doing a great job. Now we even started to form questions on each LOI this will help our research to be on track and help us throughout the journey. Based on the LOI and central idea we chose our concepts and had to choose on of the 3 strands. We our working hard and having fun this journey is really good so far and I hope it stays this wayI am also really excited as I got to know that we are meeting our mentor on Wednesday.

Mentor meetings

It was really nice to finally meet my mentor and she helped us to develop our ideas and organise ourselves better.

Forming questions

We started to form questions on each LOI which will lead our research and help us stay on task and focused. We all formed many questions and then decided who is going to research on what so we will be organised.

Starting research

We started to research because we had many brilliant questions and we even colour coded each one of us to see who has research what. We have researched a lot and got so much interesting information. Because of researching we can get in depth information for our audiences.

Tuning In

Tuning In

Finding out

Week 4



Exhibition Work Recount

Exhibition z
  • Essential Agreements - We made 5 essential agreements as a group that we all have to follow so we will have a good journey till the final day, and the agreements will help our group to stay together.
  • Central Idea and LOI's - We came up with many LOI's and then we would pick the top three, well after we chose our top three we showed them to Ms.Swapna to help us she helped us frame them better and make better LOI's and helped us make our central idea, then the LOI's and the central idea got framed again by Ms.Vimi and we finally have our final central idea and LOI 1, 2, and 3.
  • Key Concepts - The key concepts were made on each line of inquiry.We made the key concepts, the key concepts were connected to each LOI.
  • Forming Questions - Forming question related to each LOI.So we formed questions to help us stay on task with our research.

Organisation Rubric

Group Rubric

Thinking skills


Acquisition of knowledge

  • I learned specific facts to gain more knowledge about photography and the central idea, LOI's and know more about the group so we do have a smooth journey and work well as a group.
  • I remembered and talked about new knowledge about photography and we all combined our prior knowledge to make a better understanding and have better ideas. Photography !


  • I understood main ideas when learning about photography, different facts, central idea, concepts, LOI's and lot more. I understood the main ideas and know our information is better and it is easier to research so now I do an in depth research.


  • I explored different options when I was giving ideas for LOI's and central idea. We gave different roles and researched different things. Our group is very organised. I think.And I used many different site engines to get different perspectives and information.


  • I made connections between ideas and facts about real life situations and different texts and sayings. Like in research and presentation (looks).

Communication Skills


  • I listened to and followed difficult instructions when I was getting ready for spring break and what each perso had to do during the break. And also when we are researching and thinking about our presentation.


  • I expressed my ideas clearly, thoughtfully and logically when giving LOI ideas, central idea options, questions and sharing my research. I shared my ideas and information with my group clearly and thoughtfully.


  • I made connections between information I read from fiction or non-fiction text. I made connection to real life situations and added my own ideas as well as the text paraphrased to my research. This well help me to present better as I know my text. I also make the text more easier to understand.


  • I kept a journal of my whole exhibition journey till now. This is my journal and I have my reflections and what I am doing every day in the exhibition. My reflections and other thing in this journal are mostly very in depth and talks about a lot.

Non Verbal Communication

  • I looked at logos/icons/signs/photos and understood their meaning by reading about the images and learning what they mean. Ar interest is photography so images is a big part of this exhibition and there is so much meaning in images.

Week 5

profile reflection

  • I think that today I wasn't principled because I and the rest of the team were really focused on making a timeline and making the title look really fancy and nice. I think I should have stepped up and and something about be more focused on the task and build up on our research. My group and I should have followed this essential agreement that we all agreed to follow. I hope next time we are more focused on the task.
  • I think that in the past weeks I was a communicator┬ábecause I shared my ideas, thoughts, research and suggestion to make the group and our journey smooth and help the exhibition be better. Me being a good communicator has helped the group to have better team work and our information to be in depth and interesting for our audience during the exhibition. Share what you feel.

Exhibition Group Organization

Exhibition Group

Teacher FeedBack

List your research ( LOI 1 )


Research that I have found...

  • Journey of Photography
  • Amateur and Professional Photographers
  • How Photography helps people reflect on things
  • The different Genres of Photography
  • What can images show
  • Facts
  • History of Photography
  • Timeline

Also going to research on...

  • A more in depth explanation on " Does photography help people to reflect on different things "
  • Some research on polaroid cameras and film
  • Development of photography

Research Skills

Formulating Questions

  • I created questions that I could research and find lots of information about photography and the history of it, as our first LOI is " Journey Of Photography " I came to know about so much that I did not know before and this has helped me to understand photography much better. I can't wait to see what next I will research on, but I am sure it's going to be interesting and helpful.


  • I listened to or watched to learn more when I was watching videos and looking at different images and different cameras. In photography you can have many perspectives and we all looked at different things and had such an in depth and better research on photography. better understanding.


  • I used a spreadsheet or table to create a timetable so all our research will be planned out and organised on a google calendar. This mostly helped us during the spring break as we had a long holiday where we could research a lot. This also helped us research more and be on task.

Collecting Data

  • I used the internet to collect data for my questions that I had to answer and made my information better by adding opinions. I used many search engines like and Web path express. These are some citations.
  • YouTube. "The History of Photography in 5 Minutes." YouTube. 8 Feb. 2016. Web. 12 Mar. 2017. <>

Recording Data

  • I wrote a bibliography for the books that we have read and got to know interesting information that we could use in our research.

Organising Data

  • I made observations and conclusions about information I saw and heard and also images and cameras that I have seen.

Week 6

Sorting out

Sorting Out

Going Further

Going Further

Black Hat reflection

Black Hat Reflection

Yellow Hat Reflection

Yellow Hat Reflection

Concepts Reflection


  1. How do I learn best ?
  • I learn best when I am focused and understand what I am learning, I also learn best when I am in a group and I have been given suggestions to make my understanding better.
  1. What do I enjoy doing ?
  • I enjoy researching and helping my group also giving many ideas for the information and to do this exhibition with my new friends.


  1. How do I help and support the other group members ?
  • I help my group members by giving them suggestions on their research and also motivating them to do better. I also help my group members to be focused because the get distracted.
  1. When have I taken the leading role in any of our work ?
  • I have helped people stay on task and also make plans and tell them what all we have to finish.


  1. How have I contributed on a regular basis ?
  • I have contributed by doing a lot of research at home and being ver focused and also helping my group on what they can do better.
  1. Do I make good use of my time ?
  • Yes. I do and I also help my group to make good use of their time. I try my best and try to finish everything I can so we would be prepared on the final day.


  1. Are we working better now or not ?
  • We are working much better than we used to but there are still arguments and but the arguments have helped us to be a better group.


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