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Hello! My name is Gabrielle Clegg. Currently I am finishing up my ED 202 technology class. This has been and probably will be my favorite Education class because of it being so hands on. It worked out in my favor because I am a very hands on person. This class has given me a whole new way of looking at a classroom and has also given me new tools to be a better teacher in the future.

Part One: About Me

Personal Educational Philosophy

All students can learn. As a believer in Existentialism, this statement rings very true to me as it involves a freedom of choice. George Shaw once said “Life isn’t about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself.” I plan on encouraging this by using a combination of pop quizzes and in-class grading assignments. Along with the graded assignments, I also plan on trying to find fun activities and games that will help the lesson stick with my students in a pleasant way. The purpose of the pop quizzes will be to determine if the class has mastered a subject or if we need to stay in that area a bit longer. The games and activities will be a way to make the learning process fun. I firmly believe that this is how learning should be. My main component in my assignments will be critical thinking. This form of teaching strategy helps get the students ready for the real world and also gets them used to being creative and using their minds to think things through. The use of experiments and projects will be used to add to their creative and critical thinking and will also allow them to express themselves while expanding their minds. Not every student is equal and some will have needs that will need to be met. In order to meet the needs of my students, I plan on making sure that they feel safe and secure when in my room. Once trust is established, their needs can be met. These plans can include more time on tests or just simply having a strong pattern in everyday activities. My ideas for my students will be in a lesson plan; thought of like a road map, with various routes or detours in order to plan for mishaps or issues. The basic concept will be the objectives for the year with many activities planned to go with them. Accommodating for the diversity in my classroom will be done through the relationships I build with my students.

School is not what it was when I was a student. Students are now learning more at a lower level than what I was expected to know and learn. With the gradual change of education, comes the need for change brought about by teachers. I plan on bringing in new ideas that will aid my students in being able to adapt to the constant changes. At the beginning of each school year, the parent will receive a packet of papers. This packet will include a list of rules, supplies, a calendar of important dates, copies of the uniform guidelines, and grading scale. Also within this packet will be my contact information in case they need to reach me for any reason. I plan on my room having an “Alice in Wonderland” theme. This is to bring about the students creativity and also bring a sense of humor and fun to the room. My students will be arranged in groups of four or five to encourage working together and supporting each other. Each group will have their own stations that will hold the students pencils, markers, scissors, dry erase boards, and any other classroom supplies that they may need. On either side of my classroom, I would like to have a small computer center that will allow my students to work on small assignments related to the current work in the classroom. This work can be graded and added to their overall grade or it can just be a fun way to practice what they are learning. I will be using a lot of technology in my room. This will help keep them up to date and familiar with what they might use in life. The Smart Board that is being used in class today is something I am greatly excited to use because you can do just about anything on it. Even my students will be able to fully interact with it during class. I understand that some students are not going to have easy home lives and some students are going to have special needs. My plans for this are to be very understanding and to make sure that I have the proper relationship with other faculty members in order to meet those needs. For a child with a rough home life, I plan on being a supportive teacher by creating a safe and positive atmosphere. All students with special needs will have work assignments ready for their student aides should one be needed.

To be an effective teacher, I will be a student for the rest of my life. This means that I will always be committed to learning, from both my students and myself. As John-Paul Sartre said “Commitment is an act, not a word.” This will be shown by advancing my own skills. My long term goals are to teach 1st-3rd grade for a few years and then go back to get a master’s degree in elementary education. The world is forever changing; therefore, you should never stop learning.

Educational Technology Philosophy

  • Educators the responsibility of making sure their students have the neccesssary skills needed to make it out in the real world. This means that they need a solid background in all areas, icluding technology. Every job in the work force requires some form of technology use and without that experience, the student will not be as successful and they can be.
  • Technology's place in the classroom, I believe, in right in the heart of it. As stated above, technology is going to be apart of every student's job. So it only makes since that it should play a major role in everyday learning.
  • I plan on using technology to my full advantage. The use of technology will allow me to reach all of my students on their individual levels. I can set up assignments or make games with different levels so that each kid is being challenged on the level they deserve to be on.
  • For every new piece of technology that I bring in, there will be an extensive overview. Every student will know how to safely use the technology. They will be taught how to be safe on the internet from the very beginning. They will also be shown what to do if they are being bullied online or scammed. I will use YouTube for some of the lessons on safety.
Part Two: Evidence of ISTE Standards for Teachers

Facilitate and Inspire Learning and Creativity

When we first started using scratch, I found it a little confusing. In the end, I ended up loving it! With scratch, you are actually making a computer game. You can either use your computer to control it or purchase a Makey Makey and use that. A Makey Makey is a tool that lets you connect yourself or anything else to a computer program. In education, this can be use in a science lesson to teach connection flows or for just a fun day where you can show them something new.

Design and Develop Digital age learning Experiences and assessments

I found that building my lesson plan was the hardest part of my semester. I never realized how much work actually went into planning just one part of the day. And the thought of having to do that for multiple classes is kind of nerve racking. In the end, I know that once i get used to it, it will become second nature. Making a lesson plan lets you think everything through and makes it to where you can almost plan for every outcome of the lesson. You make sure to plan enough activities around your lesson to help your students but you also have backup ideas for your fast learners or if your entire class catches on quickly.

Model Digital Age work and learning

The Imovie trailer was one of the most exciting parts of this class. I love making videos and creating things and that's exactly what I got to do here. It was a little confusing at first but it didn't take long at all. I chose to make a movie trailer for a story based on Edgar Allen Poe's "Annabel Lee". In education, I would use this to introduced a new lesson. It will definitely grab my students attention and make them instantly interested in the lesson.

Promote and model digital citizenship and learning is a great place to go if you need a fast way to collect your thoughts and put information together in a nice way. In class we had to create a newsletter informing people of digital literacy. You are able to add videos and pictures to make it more interesting. I found this site to be very resourceful because I can use it later in my career to either introduce my students to a lesson or inform the parents of new news and updates. Also I can send out my lesson introductions to the parents so they can have a brief overview of what their child will be working on.

Engage in Professional Growth and 1Leadership

Googel Cert!

Today, more and more schools are turning to Google for all their needs in education. You can use Google for everything, from finding fun games for review to easily communicating with your students and their parents outside of school. Being Google certified helps me be one step closer to my career because it shows that I have the experience needed to be able to use it to its full potential.


Overall, this has been the most interactive class I've had. I have been introduced to so many excellent tools that I do not believe I wouldn't used on my own before. Having a different example for each standard also allows me to link them together and understand them better. I feel much more comfortable with technology usage and can't wait to show what I now know!

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