México C.D México

Traditional Mexican Clothing

For females, it consists of long, puffy, colorful dresses usually having different bizarre patterns and colors could also have flower designs with a bow for their hair. For men dark or light jackets and pants with designs usually same for both with a big circular hat with patterns resembling that of the suit known as a sombrero.

Climate in Mexico can be compared to that of Utah, having a variety in a small Country. In Mexico there is three main types of climate Tropical, Arid (Desert), and semi-arid average temperatures can range from 10-30 degrees Celsius.

Mexican Flag

The Mexican Flag is a symbol of an event that happen around the time of the Aztecs, when the gods told them to build their capital when they saw a sign, an eagle holding a snake in its beak on top of a nopal or cactus. The color green means hope, white is unity, and red represents the blood of warriors.

Mexican Food

Typical Mexican food includes many foods, most famously the taco redone by many cultures it can consist of a soft tortilla, meat, lettuce or whatever anyone feels like putting, same goes for the tortas kind of resembling American sub sandwiches. And pozole a type of soup containing garbanzos.

México City

The population of Mexico consists of 122 to 122.3 million people. Not many ethnic groups though, the only ethnic group known to Mexico is the "Mestizos" or Mexican Indians those with Aztec or Mayan Desendancy.

Mexican Peso

The Mexican peso as of this year is currently worth less than a dime here in the U.S and to be precise it is .053 of a dollar. One U.S dollar can be worth around 20.39 pesos. And in terms of economics, Mexico has the 15th best economy in the world and the 11 biggest purchaser.

Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto

Mexico's type of government is a Federal Presidential Constitutional Republic otherwise known as a democracy. Méxicos' President Enrique Peña Nieto although heavily criticized it is his sixth year in office, unlike presidents in the United States with four year terms, Mexican Presidents have six year terms, but once again unlike The U.S, Mexican presidents only get one term. President Nieto is on his almost in his last year elected since 2012

Spanish Vs Aztec solders

In September 16 1810, Napoleon had occupation of Spain and giving the crown to his brother, Joseph Bonaparte caused an revolt among new Spain A.K.A México. People such as Miguel Hildago protested and others like José Mariá Morelos fought in battles. Until finally in September 27th 1829 under Spanish rule, Isabella the 2nd recognized Mexico as an independence n 1836

Spanish Language

As of right now the only national language of Mexico is Spanish, few Mexican Indian languages although recognized aren't official. But that could change in the near future.

Catholic Church

Currently the biggest religious belief in Mexico is Roman Catholiscism with 83% of the population in this religion. Christianity being the second biggest with 10% of the population. And 2% for the "others" category.

Map of Mexico and its' cities

The End.


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