Kabcast Studios feature Podcast that should be heard.

The Bob and Katie Show.

A podcast featuring a married couple trying to take thier overwhelming lives with 3 kids, of ages 3 years and younger, and turn it into a relatable comedy for others to enjoy.

With Bob’s anger and Katie’s mama bear mentality, this is most definitely a show for parents everywhere to enjoy.

Even if you don’t have kids, that’s ok too! Bob gets mad about a lot of stuff, and Katie always has a mess to clean up, so don’t worry. There’s plenty of anger, poop, and comedy to go around.

Now, if you want to get geeky with it, then we have the perfect show for you.

The Table Top Warriors are a couple of guys who really appreciate the best things life has to offer.......

Board games, movies, T.V. Shows, Comic Books, and more!

So if you want to hear about all things geek, and some that’s not, make sure you check out The Table Top Warriors ASAP!

Find Your Laugh. Find Your Happy. — Bob and Katie (Kabcast Studios)

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