EVERYTHING FLOWERS!!!!!!!!! Everything you need to know about flowers

Are flowers resourceful to humans and animals? If you think no than you need to rethink that thought and read on! If you think yes then continue reading.

First of all, flowers make the world more beautiful and without flowers I would be lost. If flowers didn’t have pollen, then we would not have any source of food and we would die. No sepal in a flower can lead to us not having any oxygen and we would suffocate and die.

Many flowers can be eaten. Nourishment and flavor can come into place when eating a flower. To grow a healthy flower, it needs sun, water, and rich soil to survive.

Flowers grow the best depending on how good of a gardener you are and how cool or warm your environment is. Keep your flowers at 60-65 degrees fahrenheit overnight. Avoid temperatures above 80 degrees fahrenheit or your flower may thirst to death because it wouldn’t have the right amount of water and it would have a smaller amount than it should have.

It would need more water because it would be in a warmer environment. There are 4 stages to a flower development and they are... Germination, Pre-flowering growth, Pollination, and then Seed Dispersal. These stages are all very important because they show you how they grow.

Flowers are very important to us and we need them in order to live!

By: Josie Nickoloff


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