Texas Revolution By: Serena GArcia

Key People

Antonio Lopez de Santa anna

  • Was the ruler of mexico in 1822

Stephen F. Austin

  • He was a young empresario and brought the first 300 familys to Texas
  • His colony attracted other agents

Colonel William Travis

  • Took a small force to the town of San Antonio then occupied the Alamo


  • Sam Houston was the hero of the new independent nation of Texas
  • Was in charge of the Texas army

leading to Texas Independence

Mexican independce

  • In 1821 Mexico became independent
  • In 1824 it adopted a republican constitution that declared rights for all Mexicans

Battle of Gonzales

  • Cannon is what the Mexican army was trying to get
  • The phrase that was on the flag was “ Come and Take it”.

battle of the alamo

  • Santa Anna created forces of thousands at Alamo near San Antonio.
  • William Travis troops hope to stall the Mexican troops.

Battle of Goliad

  • The battle where Santa Anna executed 350 people

BATTLE of San Jacinto

  • The Texans Captured Santa Anna and forced him to sign a treaty giving Texas its independence

Result of Texas Revolution

  • The Texans offered land grants
  • These settlers brought slaves to work in the cotton field
  • Texas was not annexed into america because it would upset the fragile balance of slave and free states
  • M ost Texans wanted to be annexed also congress did


Created with images by sixpounder - "COME AND TAKE IT flag" • Texas State Library and Archives Commission - "Mural: "Texas Moves Toward Statehood" - section 3 of 5" • Texas State Library and Archives Commission - "Travis Letter Arrival Ceremony at the Alamo 2.22.13" • StuSeeger - "Lonestar"

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