Cayan Tower Jillian, Marissa, VIncent, Juan

The Cayan Tower is a skyscraper in Dubai, United Arab Emirates

This is the Cayan Tower also known as the Infinity Tower

The Cayan Tower is mostly known for its 90 degree structure

The Cayan Tower is a luxury apartment building with a striking helical shape, turning 90 degrees over the course of its height. Each floor is identical in plan, but is set 1.2 degrees clockwise from the floor below, giving the tower a distinctive form by way of an innovative, efficient, repeatable structure. Its shape is pure expression of the relationship between a building’s form and the structural framework that supports it.

This place is mostly visited by people who have lots of money

These lights will be attached to a glass wall that will make the building shine bright from far away of the city.

From far away the Christmas lights will look like bokeh lenses.

Water colors: 200,000 each, on both sides. Bridge: 753,425. Lights: 1, 257/ all around with 90 degree twist . Water falling down: 2,370/ for waterfall. Glass panes with 90 degree twist: 2,472 each side

The Tower has a multiple colors on it because of the water reflecting off of the lights. The bridge will give the full view of the tower a more abstract structure just like how the tower itself is 90 degrees twisted

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