ABC Culture Project By Brian dudley

Art & Literature

This is the famous painting called American Gothic made in 1930

This famous piece of literature is very well known written by Harper Lee


This building is known as the Washington Monument
This is the Pentagon Building

Communication & Transportation

Social media is a big way of spreading information
This is a form of public transportation


Skinny jeans were a major trend
Plaid shirts and/or Flannels were and still are a major type of clothing wore


Tourism is a big part of out economy and Myrtle Beach brings that in with things such as the beaches there
Pepsi is a big export for America


Women's status in America are almost equal to that of men
More children than there should be are abused so some children aren't treated very well


Donald Trump is the one who is currently in office
Congress is a group of people who make laws for America


The American Civil War is what defined certain viewpoints to stay in those areas
The American Revolution also defined our freedom over being like Europeans still


Dogs make everyone go "Awwwwww"
Same with kittens


This is considered a very standard American job
Many Americans, especially teens, work at fast food places such as McDonald's


Knowledge is spread by word of mouth
Also spread by books on topics such as guide books or travel books


In America our main language is English
Spanish is also another prominent language

Movement & Migration

Refugees tend to move to America to get away from their own country
People who enjoy traveling tend to go outside of America

National Pride

This flag reminds us of our freedom in this country
Places like these reminds of all those who have fallen for our rights


Insurance companies are big in America since they are like safety nets
AARP is also a famous or well known organizations


This images above show that the population of America has people from all around the world with all kinds cultures and religions

Quality of Life

Some people are rich and happy
While others aren't so lucky and live in terrible conditions


Christianity is big in America, especially down South
There are also other religions such Buddhism here in America


Everyone is suppose to be equal by law but white people are still considered to have higher status
Still suffering from racism although on a lower scale


I can't have a picture of this one but public nudity is taboo in America

Something else that is taboo is cursing in public or in front of children

Urban or Rural

A lot of people live in the city compared to rural because it is closer to their jobs

Vacation& Recreation

People like to travel like to places such as Hawaii for fun
People also like football either by watching it or playing it

Ways of Everyday Life

This is how people here wash their clothes
Microwaves are ways of reheating foods that are leftover

Xmarks the Spot

Geography affects the type of clothing wore because of things like climate


Cereal is one of the most common breakfast foods in America
Burgers of any kind are also very common for lunch and dinner


Silverware such as this is very common
Cellphones are also a big thing now in America


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