The good always outweighs the bad I have so many things to complain about, so many things to not want to move forward for, but i also have so many more to be thankful for and more than enough reasons to moVe ahead in liFe! #Live -Denise K-

This life is more than pain, way more than suffering and regret!

This life is what you are, what you become and never, not for one second what you was. You can never relive yesterday you can only make today better and look forward to new tomorrow. If life is lived wanting to change the past, life becomes lost mourning on what we no longer have.

It's time to move ahead, to le tuour light shine, to enlighten the world with what you do know. I believe it's time to be thankful for what we are, for what we do have and stop complaining of what we don't and what we're not.

We're all meant to be who we are, we were greated by the highest being by almighty, so therefore we're have to live to our full potentials and cherish every ability we have and every aspect of our lives.

Keep in mind what you want and work hard for it everyday, don't waste time thinking or wishing, put your thoughts to actions and make of your wishes plans, set up goals and work hard for it!

Live, love, encourage, make requests not complains, uplift, and move on! "Stagnant water tends to stink up" DeniseK-

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Denise Kilby


Created by the inspiration of the author, by the needs of a heart! I love to write!

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