Age of Discovery By Renee Curtis

Objective: Students will understand what happened in the 15th century of when people started to discover the world.

Teaching stAndard: This Curiciulum is for grades 5-8 which is usually taught in two parts. It teaches: Concentrated on European explorers who sought new trade routes, economic gain, adventure, national glory and the glory of God, Traced the routes of explorers using animated maps, Discussed technological developments such as new ship designs, new navigational tools and the movable–type printing press, Attempted to provide a sense of what the early explorers must have felt as they left charted seas, and Told what happened to the native peoples as a result of European colonization.

Essential question: What was the point of discovery?

DIRECTIONS: I would like each of you to go to these 3 sites and pick out 3 pieces of information that you have learned from each one. That means in total, you should be handing in 9 pieces of information to me. I would like you to LABEL where you got each piece of information. I would like you to focus on who did the exploring, when the exploring happened, and any fun/interesting facts you found were RELEVANT to this assignment. extra credit points will be offered if you find more than what i asked.

Website one:

Website two:

Website three:

Students will be evaluated on complete sentences, information PROVIDED, and on organization

Images of the Age of Discovery

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