If my cat eats my indoor plants,
I will put them away.
When she gets them again,
I might put a garlic in my plant to drive out my cat.
If my cat even likes the garlic,
I could spray cat repellent on my plants.
When my cat smells the plants,
she will get sick and die.
If my cat goes away,
I will be sad and lonely.
When I feels lonely,
I will find a new cat to adopt it.
If my new cat eats my plants,
I will buy a specific cat plant for my cat.
When my cat eats the her plant,
my cat will be happy.


Created with images by Alexas_Fotos - "cat red cute" • be creator - "Cat" • milivanily - "pots plants cactus" • brendan_tuohy - "cat flower cute" • siala - "garlic condiment heads of garlic" • ** RCB ** - "cat checking out human dinner" • Trish Hamme - "Being Sick Stinks !" • DreamShoot by Marcel Steger - "_T301297b2800" • bonithad1 - "mime brown eyes face painting" • Antranias - "person woman girl" • nevillekingston - "cats kittens animals" • zeevveez - "My cat eating my flowers" • The hills are alive* - "naughty kitty" • jmurawski - "Some greens in her diet" • Trish Hamme - "Just hangin out シ [ Explored ]"

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