Are there Benefits from hunting Jared Kemmerer

There are countless benefits of hunting. It is a vital part of balancing the populations of species. It not only helps the environment greatly, it helps out many people as well. At the same time people help the animals too. People depend on hunting for food and resources. Without hunting, the environment, populations and people would be greatly affected.

Hunting keeps species populations in balance. Hunting preserves the wild game lands, especially where populations are increasing very rapidly. Hunters can increase animals populations as well. In the 1800s the turkey population was low. Hunters recognized that and they were not allowed to harvest turkeys until the species was at a healthy number. They stopped to raise the population of the wild turkey. Hunting not only conserves animals, but keeps the crops from being destroyed and the farmlands from being overpopulated. Now some people think that animals should be left alone and should live their lives in peace. Well, if we would do that then animals would become so overpopulated, they would suffer and starve. The other option would be to hunt the animals, benefit off them for food and have the population at a healthy number. So hunting animals and benefiting off them is much better for the animals and the people.

The Game Commission plays an important role in hunting and balance. When the Game Commission sees a species population gets too low, they will close the season and hunters are unable to harvest that animal. This allows the species population to rise. Every year the Game Commission takes a poll of animals populations. Then they will count the number of animals in the species and issue the right amount of licenses for the number of animals. The Game Commission opens state game lands for animals to live so they have a nice habitat. Some may argue with that as well. They think hunting animals is “cruel” and should be banned. Well here’s what I have to say to that. Animals are not hunted for sport, they are hunted for food so that people can support their families.When an animal is harvested it is greatly appreciated by the hunter. So hunting is not cruel, it is a form of survival that has been around since the Native Americans.

Hunters not only harvest the animals, but they help them out too. Hunters form national parks and other refugees. They created over 230 million acres of preserved and protected land. Hunters and other people join and create national federations that protect the animals. These conservation groups fund for animals to buy new lands so they can live in natural habitats. Some organizations that help these animals are Ducks Unlimited, Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation, and National Wild Turkey Federation. All these groups help to fund lands for habitat only, not hunting. Also hunters respect the fact that when an animal’s population is suffering, then they will not hunt them. Some may say that even if you are getting land for them they will still be hunted. The purpose of the land is for them to have a habitat so they can breed and not have to go to cities and unsuited places for animals.

Most farms benefit from hunting year round. When animals are hunted then the population stays at a healthy level, but when they’re not they can destroy farm lands and crops. Farmers depend on hunting so there crops stay alive and do not get eaten. When animals get overpopulated, farms get destroyed and there are not enough habitats all the animals. That results in loss of habitat and food. Animals begin to starve, become very unhealthy and sometimes die because of lack of food and habitat. When animals run out of room to live on a farm they start going to places that have no food and a terrible habitat like a city. When in a city they are at risk of being killed or injured by cars on the busy streets. Many articles have stated that lack of food won’t really happen and all the animals will be fine without hunting. Well it really will happen. As stated above if animals do not have enough food and habitat they will suffer and die.

Hunting is a vital part in keeping balance in the environment. It helps people, farmers, crops, populations and other organisms. At the same time the hunters care enough to help the animals. Hunters will donate money to organizations to help the animals live healthy. Hunting is a big part of people’s lives and that should not change. Hunting has been around for centuries and there should be no law that bans hunting. If people could only see all of the benefits of hunting then they would surely change their minds.


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Hunting is a way of life



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Conservation groups help animals


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