Hear it from the athletes: Dealing with injuries

By Ankit Gupta and Keshav Taneja

As he struggled to get up from the hardwood floor, his hands quivered from beneath him. A stinging sensation pierced through his wrist, triggering a harsh cry in pain. Immediately, he fell to his knees again. The referees blew their whistles and his teammates scurried to his side. For junior Niel Paul, this feeling was eerily familiar — he knew that in that moment, he had suffered another heart-wrenching injury. An injury that would sideline him for the remainder of the season, again.

Playing an organized sport is often a challenge for MVHS student athletes. Faced with academic pressure and busy practice schedules, the commitment to being a part of a team can sometimes be a difficult thing. More so, when these athletes encounter tough circumstances like injuries, their commitment is highly tested. Hear it directly from the MVHS athletes as they share their experiences about battling through the mental and physical hurdles that injuries bring.

Junior Niel Paul

Senior Amanda Erickson

Junior Jiani Tian

For junior Jiani Tian, volleyball is an integral part of her life. Her commitment to the sport stays grounded despite the academic workload she faces at MVHS. However, this year, her commitment to volleyball was challenged when she got a hand injury during practice which forced her to the sidelines for a few weeks. According to Tian, the injury interrupted the flow of the season. Despite the injury, Tian remains optimistic as she cheers her teammates from the sidelines. To Tian, it was coach Colin Anderson’s philosophy that helped keep her spirits high after suffering the injury.

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