Asian Countries We Love A pictorial summary of the beauty


Napalese food fair is a mix of Indian flavors and Southeastern spices. The simple Daal can please any traveler and the potato curry has its own sweet twist.

The nightlife of Kathmandu is quiet and ends early but the streets are filled with vendors selling food, clothing, and beautiful silk cloths.

The Nepalese are sweet and friendly and always open for a tea.

The streets of Kathmandu wind through alleys and are filled with people. Many taking a moments rest like this lady.

The main religion in Nepal is Hindu and bringing on spirits and ancestor worship are common.

Goats are seen as a religious importance for their yearly celebration. This includes sacrificing goats to the spirits.

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Buddhism, the main religion, begins at early ages as many young boys are schooled in the temples as monks.

No city compares to Bangkok for nightlife. The party and shopping never ends.

Beautiful beaches along the Thailand coast with islands to explore is a scuba, beach loving, boat cruising dream.

Transportation is as easy as standing on the side of the street. Tuk Tuks, moto, and Songtaos are common ways to travel around town.

Thailand is known for their delicious Jasmine Rice. Rice fields stretch across rural Thailand often as far as the eye can see.

Nature is protected here in Thailand. Wild tigers, elephants, and monkeys roam the mountains and close encounters can be arranged.


The ancient Khmer empire relied on fish for sustanance. Many to this day live on the Tonle Sap to enjoy the rich flood of fish which fills this lake each year.

Buddhism is the main religion and monks can be found in every provincial town.

Fresh foods are easy to find in this country where vendors and bicycles will sell the fresh pick from the day.

The main attraction of Cambodia and one of the greatest architectural sites is Angkor Wat dating back 900 years ago.

A common site on the streets of Phnom Penh are homeless, moto drivers waiting their fare, and those enduring the heat in a sleep on a bench lining the busy roads.

The beautiful rural khmer people enjoy a simple life with bathing in rainwater or lakes nearby. They cook from scratch and are always ready to enjoy a tea with a guest.


One of the best places to see endangered animals unclose whether you are on mainland or beautiful Borneo.

Kuala Lumpar is a magnificent city with majestic structures and shopping and food.

Shopping never ends in K.L. and the malls have more than any shopper could dream of.

Animals not found wild anywhere else in the world including the orangutan and the proboscis monkey are up close and personal!

Many sanctuaries provide shelter for the endangered orangutan but the time is now to view this amazing creature as Palm trees are taking over their wild jungles.


The Vietnamese are known for their beauty and class. The country is also ancient beauty from mountains tall to beaches stretching further than any other inland Southeast Asian country.

Vietnamese produces rice, vegetables, and fruits with flooded plains making delicious rice and sloping fruit agriculture on steep mountains.

Seafood is not an issue here as all of Vietnam has seashores nearby with lobster, crab, and fresh fish in abundance.

The sun is intense as is true for all Southeast Asian Countries and Vietnamese are pros at covering up!

Ancient cities such as Hanoi have buildings that have been there for hundreds of years enduring war and change.

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