A Trip through India Sebastian LLamas

The location of the Indus River is in the Indus Valley. It is the river that goes through the Indus Valley. The importance of the river is that it supplies water for the people in the Indus Valley.

The Ganges basin is located in Tibet Nepal India. The Ganga is the longest river in India. It flows for 1569 miles from the Himalayan mountains to the Bay of Bengal.

The location of Harppa is in Pakistan.Harappa is one of the greatest cities in ancient India.Harappa had always made a good culture.

This temple is located in thanjavur.it was built in the 10th century a.d. It is a big temple for lord of Shiva. Lord of Shiva is one of the principal of deities.

Sanchi stupa is located on hilltop of the sanchi town. The sanchi stupa is the oldest stone structure of India. It was crowned by chatra a parasol like structure symbolizing high rank.

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