The Break "Relax is your task"

Our mission is to get the resources and materials to design the esplanade in order to create a great place in which the students of TEC can be relaxed after a break from their classes, this by convincing the institution of helping us with the budget and with facilities to accomplish our vision. Our first plan of action to accomplish this mission is to make our project popular around the school with banners that could promote us. Our vision is to give to the community of TEC a better perspective of how the school can be and give them the chance to grow in a social and academic way by looking up for their necessities of relaxation and stress relieve. We want to promote a TEC more productive and at the same time relieved from a considerable amount of time from their responsibilities.

Promotional Video

Organizational Culture

We as a team have a strong compromise with every single one of us, we created this project because we felt that we were capable and that if we were together as a team we can be able of doing everything and overcome every obstacle in our project. We have the values of accountability, learned optimism, resilience and perseverance. We believe in social volunteer and in a social way of entrepreneurship.

We believe in responsibilities and in accountability so we decided to have roles according to our specific abilities with a peer evaluation. We believe in teamwork and we know that every one of us can do their work efficiently, if we know that its something that a member likes to do, he will work in it for better results and productivity.

We also made a schedule with the dates and the evaluation of the accomplishment of the tasks

Definition of the product/project

We identified a problem in our community. We as students, with the grades and the tasks, get stressed with a regular frequency. We knew that a school that have students with high levels of stress tend to commit suicide, break relationships or take bad decisions. But what we realized is that the institutions don't resolve this problematic, so we decided to take the first step. We decided to use a place of the school that doesn't have a very good use and we took that opportunity area to make a place for relaxation in there. This space will be for the students of high school and we want to make them fell good for an instance at least. We will use the place to have free green spaces with sofas, hammocks, music, radio, televisions, and videogames.

Production and Distribution

The process of production and distribution is mainly with the support of the institution once the idea can be approved so they can gave us the resources to move the products, buy them and place them. Obviously we will need trucks to unload the sofas, hammocks and televisions. The advantage is that the area in which we want to place this resources is beside to the parking lot so it will be much more easier to unload those things. We can save money by moving the things by ourselves, but in the future, if the institution want the place for an event, they would have to use their working resources to remove the things.

The prices are like the following list: Sofas Tokio Fabou $ 2,799 - $3.272 (8 sofas), Reclining chair Megan de Fabou $4,299 (6 reclining chairs), Hammock 280*150 cm, Lightake $444 (5 Hammocks) and the audio and entertainment resources are still in doubt because we still need to know if the institution can approve them.


We choose this graph because for us it is important to know who is currently knowing about our project, and we are very pleased to see that the most part of the opinions in our survey was from the students, which are the ones that are going to be benefited by our project.

We asked the students if they get stressed in school and the 85.1% of the people in the survey answered that actually they do. We think that the most of us have been in that situation, and because of this we can understand the students and make a project that could help to calm that problem and get a better productivity. This validated the importance of our problematic.

This is the most important question for us, because in first instance, we couldn’t be able to improve our project if the students and the institution members in general wouldn’t identify the lack of occupation in the esplanade as a problematic itself. Yes, we can see that the 27% does not agree, but we are sure that as everything there will always be a part that doesn’t agree till they see the project released so we hope to do it very good so we can accomplish the expectations and integrate more members to the project.

With the results of all the graphs and with the conclusions of the same, we can see that our project is taking a good path, we can see that we could identify a good problematic here in TEC and as well we could succeed in filling the right characteristics that our project should have.

Promotional Campaign

As the strategy of promotional campaign we decided to use the visual value, we wanted that the students could see themselves in a picture of how they will be if they can use our installations. We did banners and the idea was to paste them around the school in order to motivate the students to make an effort and to know that there is a time for relaxation, we gave them motivation and in reward they now they can count on us to make themselves comfortable.

As we previously said our objective with this promotional campaign was to reach to the students in a visual way with banners with an image and a motivational phrase so they could know that there is always a time for a break in your schedule. Our objective was composed with banners and promotional videos that could attract the target to be conscious of the problematic and be part of the pleasant solution.

An example of our banner

Cost analysis and Prices

We knew that the feasibility of the project depended on the importance of the problematic for the school so they could support us in the costs and let us use the esplanade. We know that with the evidences and the work showed before is possible to convince the institution.


List of production cost(s):

Inmobiliary: $150,000 (sofas, amacas, televisions, video games, pool tables, hockey table, tables, chairs)

Audio: $20,000 for 6 speakers.

Lights: $25,000 for all the illumination.

List of distribution cost(s)

The cost is $0.00 because we sell a service.

Organizational culture cost(s)

The cost is $0.00

Marketing research cost(s)

Social Media campaign:

- Facebook: $50.00 per day * 30 = $1,500.00

- Instagram: $50.00 per day * 30 = $1,500.00

Promotional Campaign cost(s)

Flyers: A3: 29,7cm * 42cm (1000 flyers) = $ 1000.00

TV campaign: Normal TV comercial = $3,728 TV comercial at Tec community = $1,000

Other elements (extra things/short, medium & long term production goals/requirements for organizational sustainability)

Maintenance of the esplanade per week: $500

Created By
Abraham Márquez Calderón


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