Quantum Physics of Art or SOMETHING LIKE THAT


Fragments' An original pencil drawing on Bristol board by Ileana Hunter.

This is a realistic drawing by Ileana Hunter and is a great example of the art concept for figure and ground. The negative space frames the face is such a way as to draw all attention to the realism, but also to the impossibility. The outline of the hands has very crisp lines that define the face very well, consequently, this enhances the detail to greater heights. I think the addition of freckles was a masterful choice to add texture as well. I love these realist, surrealist art pieces. It still astonishes me how much detail pencil art can obtain.


"Soot and Gold" Menso brush, mineral pigments, and soot ink on linen cloth by Ikenaga Yasunari

Japanese art brings a whole new view point on patterns and clothing, especially when the art is ancient in terms of how the art was produced. The artists used old techniques to create this image that has a huge pattern orientation, although the subject is the women the patterns gives the art its soul. The neat thing I have noticed was the hair line and how the smooth fading represents smaller hairs and blend the hair line. This is not an example of hard core pattern art, but it does seem like you could just take off the clothing and see the rest.

Frame and Surface

"A View From a Leaf" Photoshop Composite Kobi Refaeli

I am still amazed at the ability to use Photoshop to create a world from many different parts and make it seem so seamless, but of course Photoshop would not be Photoshop if it could not. I see why the artist used the leaf as a guide or funnel to draw the eye to the deer this creates the frame of the image, the subject, and the best composition in my opinion. He could have panned the image up, but it think that would have change the title of the image or the idea at lest. Overall this is a super example of how Photoshop can create awesome hard to get shot of conventional photography.


"Rusted Home" Photoshop Drawing Travis David

I created this to try and replicate rusted pencil color that would blend with the background rust. I think i got a good color, but mixing different similar colors would have been better. When I took this photo i did not know what I wanted to do with it, but using the the thick textured rust as clouds or a sense of ground. One thing i should have done it outline the clouds and ground to bring them into the forefront. This texture reminds me of city wall art or urban art in cities. There is so much potential here.

Mark and Line

"The Lines" Photography edited by Photoshop Travis David

Here I used the marks and lines as an example of the different types of simple lines and how they can work with each other to form an abstract image. The Solid blacks line where created with step and repeat while the rest where made to show the background bleed through. I like how you don't need to be a great artist to experiment with ideas and lines are a great way to start that experimentation. When experimenting, do as much as possible because you will eventually find your line.


"Snow Ant" Photoshop Composite Travis David

They do exist!! This is my snow ant and his perceptive environment. I am still learning to tweak it a bit but overall an average representation of how perspective can make or break a good composite in Photoshop. I think that composition of the background image is also key to what you are trying to accomplish, because like in this image the foreground is blurred so naturally the legs of the ant should also be blurred (my bad). Also Lightroom might be able to help the odd lighting from the ant and the snow to better align. Tip and trick like these can evolve your Photoshop experience.

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