Communities at the Heart of UHC - Social Media Kit for UHC Day

Communities at the Heart of UHC is a global campaign working to ensure that quality integrated community health programs that are government-owned and financially sustainable are included in national UHC strategies. UHC ensures all individuals and communities receive the health services they need without suffering financial hardship. Through community health, health care is provided to those who are otherwise outside the reach of the health care system. Therefore, this campaign is committed to driving equity of access to quality health care which is a key contributor to UHC.

Leading up to UHC Day on December 12, we encourage you to use this toolkit to elevate the message of the #UHC4communities campaign to put community health at the forefront to help make #HealthForAll a reality. You can also direct readers to the campaign website at www.uhc4communities.com

Hashtags and Handles


  • #UHC4communities

Campaign Organizing Partners

  • @living_goods
  • @TheIRC
  • @lastmilehealth
  • @Amref_Worldwide
  • @FinancingAllian
  • @AMPforHealth


  • #UHCDay
  • #UHCGlobalCompact
  • #HealthForAll

Key Messages

• Community Health is a good investment to achieve #HealthForAll. Every dollar invested in #communityhealth results in a more than US$10 return into the economy when counting lives saved and productivity gained.

• The potential of #communityhealth to save lives is evident. Scaling an essential package of community-based interventions with the help of #CHWs could avert 1.5 million deaths of children under six months of age annually.

• With proper support, #CHWs help to achieve #UHC by improving patient outcomes, reducing costs to health systems and patients as well as mitigating effects of health worker strikes and shortages.

• #CHWs are essential in rapidly responding to health crises, delivering routine care, and providing linkages to the health system—yielding life-saving results and #HealthForAll.

• #CommunityHealth programs have shown to be effective in the delivery of a range of preventive, promotional and curative health care services and that they can contribute to reducing inequities in access to care.

• Strong community health systems offer a cost-effective solution to achieve #UHC that extends care access to vulnerable populations first.

• To be effective, #communityhealth programs must be integrated into the national #PHC system. These programs should also be included in national health strategies to increase access and provide services aligned to population needs and locations to achieve #UHC

• Driving health care access equity is a key contributor to #UHC. #CHWs deliver health care in the community, ensuring equitable access to health to those that are out-of-reach of traditional health facilities.

• Join the #UHC4community campaign to generate high-level political will and commitment to ensure that quality and financially sustainable community health programs are a national and global #UHC priority

• Prioritizing community health in the #UHC agenda can save lives. Join #UHC4community to instigate a global commitment to prioritize government-owned, integrated community health systems that prioritize access for vulnerable, rural populations to achieve #HealthForAll.

Quotes from Campaign Supporters

Include these quotes on social media to spread the message of the importance of communities in the UHC agenda. Be sure to include the following:

On this #UHCDay I support #UHC4Communties


Living Goods, Amref

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