The truly smart choice Modifying the new SMART lunch at East Wilkes High School

SMART Lunch is a program in which students are able to receive tutoring during a single hour lunch block for the entire school. Tutoring is optional for students passing their classes and it is up to the student to choose how time is used, and make choices that will benefit them academically. This provides time during the school day for tutoring students who ride the bus to and from school.

The adaptation of SMART Lunch created by administration at East Wilkes High School made tutoring required for all students, even those who are doing well in classes. This system takes away the element of rewarding good work in class by eliminating the opportunity to have additional free time in the middle of the school day.

Providing this atmosphere of responsibility and autonomy for students will give them a sneak-peak at what college and workplace life will be like upon graduation.

SMART Lunch helps establish the balance between leisure time and time devoted to studies that can be difficult to find after high school.

No matter what students will do after they leave East Wilkes, the time management skills practiced through this program will be a must as they move forth into a variety of fields.


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