What is Matter? by CAtherine Solis


What is matter? Matter is a physical substance in general, as distinct from mind and spirit; (in physics) that which occupies space and possesses rest mass, especially as distinct from energy.

Pure Substance

The first type of matter is Pure Substance. Pure Substance is substances that are made of only one type of atom or one type of molecule.


Another type of pure substance is element. Element is a part or aspect of something abstract, especially one that is essential or characteristic.


Another type of Pure Substance is compound. Compound is a thing that is composed of two or more separate elements; a mixture.


The second type of matter is mixture. Mixture is a substance made by mixing other substances together.


A homogeneous mixture is a solid, liquid or gaseous mixture that has the same proportions of its components throughout a given sample.


One type of homogeneous mixture is a solution. Solution is a liquid mixture in which the minor component (the solute) is uniformly distributed within the major component (the solvent).


A heterogeneous of or denoting a process involving substances in different phases (solid, liquid, or gaseous).


Suspension is a mixture in which particles are dispersed throughout the bulk of a fluid.


Colloid is a type of mixture with particles that are larger than those in solutions but not heavy enough to settle at the bottom of their container.


Created with images by NASA Goddard Photo and Video - "Hubble Sees Spiral in Serpens" • Zach Dischner - "Windblown" • James St. John - "Gold mass (alluvial gold) (Kalgoorlie region, Western Australia) 1" • James St. John - "Sphalerite-fluorite (Naica, Chihuahua, Mexico)" • James St. John - "Sphalerite (Tri-State Mining District, Oklahoma, USA)"

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