1. You need a hammer, Flat head screw driver, 2 40 inches strings, glue, 15 4 inch stings and 300 stickers

2. Lay out 12 sticks sides together and put 2 sticks going across

3. Glue them all together and let them dry

4. Lay another layer of sticks and glue them to the back of the other 12 sticks

5. Repeat steps 2-4, 3 more times

6. Take 2 of your walls and glue them together to make it more thick and stronger

7. Repeat step 6

8. Now make a long stick 30 inches long, 5 sticks thick (to start it take one stick and glue another half way on the other and repeat until it's 30 inches long and 5 sticks thick)

9. Let it dry

10. Take your hammer and screw driver and split your stick right down the middle so you have 2 sticks 30 inches long

11. Take 10 sticks and zigzag them across your 30 inch until they are connected and glue them

12. Let it dry

13. Flip it over and put a layer of 3 sticks going across the middle and put 10 sticks zigzagging and glue it to make on platform

14. Let it dry

15. Now take your 2 walls and glue them to each end about 3 inches away from the ends

16. Take your 40 inch string, tie it to the end of each corner and shove it through your wall (make sure your string is tight)

17. Take your 15 inch string an tie them from your 40 inch string and your platform (make sure they're 2 inches apart

18. Make sure it's tight

19. Repeat steps 16-17

20. You platform should have a curve to it that helps it with support

Created By
Jacob Carder


Created with images by Pexels - "bridge golden gate bridge infrastructure"

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