TVHC Celebrates the Affordable Care Act! Anniversary Celebrations - March 23, 2017

Celebrations at TVHC sites!

Union City!

The Union City ladies are serious about health care!

Firehouse is FIRED UP about the ACA!

The Finance Department is calculating their next move to support the ACA!

Foothill will climb the highest mountains to show support for the ACA!

Karla snuck into the group photo!

IT looks pretty determined to stand with the ACA!

Say "I Heart the ACA, Admin!"

Dental drills down to why THEY support the ACA!

WIC is WACKY about the ACA!

San Leandro getting spiffy for the honored guests!

Caleb welcoming San Leandro staff and Eric Mora, Congressman Swalwell's representative.

Eric Mora addressing the crowd
Dr. Kravetz in the background enjoying some pizza!

Kamika Dunlap, from Supervisor Miley's office.

Team Luis & Co.

On March 23, 2017, Tiburcio Vasquez Health Center celebrated with more than 50 other Alameda County community health centers, and more than 1,300 community health workers stood strong with the Affordable Care Act.

Thank you to all who Heart the ACA.


San Leandro photo credit - Haleh Hatami, Alameda Health Consortium

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