Minutes 2.20 Secretary, Regan Cobb

  • Convocation given by Senator Crosland.
  • Roll taken by Secretary Cobb.
  • Senators Halverson, Hume, and Seymore found absent.

Academic Affairs: Leland Dunwoodie

  • Shoutout
  • Shreya and Mar: 110 people at the Major/Minor Fair
  • Hannah Schmucker: 15 people at DIRS last week
  • Updates
  • Your Voice - survey for CUSG emails - Outreach Committee - Willie Webb
  • RA Compensation Project - Received Final Approval - Danielle Strangie
  • Projects
  • International Student Event
  • Interview Absence Policy
  • Open Access Resources
  • NIMS w/ Perry
  • Pre-med packet
  • DIRS
  • Stephen Creager | Analytical Chemistry
  • Tuesday | 12:30pm | Cooper Lobby
  • Ideas for AA
  • Ideas Form
  • Contact Info
  • Leland Dunwoodie | 269-759-4768 | ldunwoo@g.clemson.edu

athletics: Trevor Newton

  • Ticketing Updates
  • Jordan and I attended a meeting with the Athletic Dept. to discuss ADA issues throughout the stadium and with the ticketing system
  • Joining forces with R&D to write up the formal student ticket policy
  • If you want to join this task force, let me know…the more input the better
  • Campus Recreation Updates
  • Izzy had a good meeting with campus rec concerning transportation to and from the Snow Center to campus and back
  • Clemson Marketing Committee
  • Calm before the Roar
  • March 1st vs. NC STATE, 8:00 P.M.
  • Going to be a white out with free t shirts for all students
  • T-shirt design is finalized and will be sent over to the Athletic Dept.
  • Beat Wake
  • Lost to Miami
  • 14-12…oh boy Brad
  • 2016 NATIONAL CHAMPIONS (This will stay here every week)
  • Contact Info: Phone: (864)-508-6334
  • Email: trevorn@g.clemson.edu

campus Life: Robert Lee Storey

  • ITSAB presentation this Wednesday.
  • Information regarding Clemson vending machines
  • WACT has been approached by another photographer
  • Input for Campus Life? Mention it here! http://goo.gl/forms/9iOUDqvkVn

Finance and Procedures: Lindsey Wright

  • Miller, Rachel, and B sitting on Elections Committee as liaisons from F&P
  • If you have any elections related questions, please contact me first and then Emma. Her email is emmalis@g.clemson.edu
  • February 22nd is the Student Body Primary Election! Don’t forget to vote :)
  • February 23, 24, 27, and 28th in the front conference room
  • I highly recommend you attend at least one hearing
  • Met with AJ to make timeline for handbook modernization
  • Meeting with AJ, Nathan, + Christian this week to move forward
  • Christian moving forward with meetings regarding digitizing the funding process
  • Met with Bryce, Kolstad, Forrest regarding compiling next year’s budget
  • Cole has a meeting this week for the planning phases of Financial Awareness Week
  • Miller meeting with safety administrators regarding future safety pole locations
  • As always, hmu if you have any questions or just wanna chat (864) 421-5006 @lindseywrong

Health and Human services: Jess Schnorr

  • Collegiate Recovery Community is more or less in a standstill until they can receive adequate funding from a donor
  • Campus vending is on board with feminine products in vending machines!!!!
  • Anna received some feedback from CAPS and Student Health Services that change some of our timelines for the Peer Mental Health Support Group and our resolution -- nothing big, but changes have been made to the resolution
  • Madison and Lauren are hoping to get a line item for their minority retention program in this year's fiscal budget
  • Janay has been working on Youth Violence Prevention with HHS alum Michelle. HHS partnership with a nonpartisan, off-campus organization (how cool is that)
  • Very proud of Jordan for holding her own against Athletics and advocating for her "best case scenario" fix for ADA accessibility in our athletic facilities
  • What a week. hmu: 843.619.1555 // jschnor@g.clemson.edu // @yayyjesss // snapchat me: yayyjesss // be my guardian in Clem

Transportation and Facilities: Jacob Mcmeekin

  • Major Projects for the Semester:
  • Bike Share Implementation
  • Right after Spring Break
  • LEV Commuter Permits
  • Mando met with Dan last week
  • Potential Green Crescent Trail Resolution with CCD
  • Began drafting with Cole
  • Game Day Transit Options
  • Met with Corky and developed a potential solution in Committee
  • Continued Red Route Discussions
  • Meeting set for March 9th
  • Parking and Transportation:
  • Park and Ride:
  • Both R-06 and parking at the Snow Facility will be a park and ride option for students next year. $24 for the year.
  • Bus schedules for lots have not been finalized yet
  • Working with Izzy to expand shuttle service out to the Snow Facility
  • Facilities:
  • Long-Range Framework Plan Mobility meeting was Thursday:
  • Very productive. Will share copy of full presentation once available
  • http://clemsonframeworkplan.com/assets/PedestrianizingtheCampus_FINAL.pdf
  • Join me for Coffee and Conversation every Thursday at 8:30 in All In: (803)-622-8328 // jmcmeek@g.clemson.edu // Twitter and Insta: @jcmcmeek // Snapchat: jcmmeek

University services: Dory Askins

  • Remote proctoring committee –Courtney
  • ITSAB meeting – carillon ci, laundry alerts, fike saunas, makerspace
  • Food summit
  • Iroar governance board

Clerk: Steven PAtrick

  • No announcements

Secretary:Regan Cobb

  • Capital Improvement
  • MTS
  • Suggestions for food for last senate??

Pro Temp: Samuel Reinert

  • Huge shout out to driving for an awesome formal
  • Senate Cookout March 4th

Student Body vp: Nicki Seidman

  • Values Statement Committee bill coming through
  • Weekly legislative updates from Maggie -- msambro@g.clemson.edu
  • Walk for Veterans on the weekend of the Spring Game
  • AJ and his Blue Lights: Building a vector map of the locations on campus to do a network analysis. Contacted CUPD and they can't release the maps to us, so we're doing it. Talking to CCIT since they're in charge of the function and maintenance of the actual boxes.
  • Outreach will begin polling student organizations to see how they feel about CUSG
  • Organizations Banquet on March 2 from 6:00-9:00pm
  • CUSG Banquet March 29th

President:David Gundana

  • Sitting on the selection/screening committee for the new Chief of Police and the new Admissions Director. Let me know if you have something you want to be brought up.
  • Elections! Remember to be diligent!

Old Business

Bill No.41

Authors: Molly Makos and Rachel Reinker

SS: I move to call this bill to question

Bill passes

Resolution No.14

Authors: Anna Albert and Jess Schnorr

MS: I move to call this resolution to question

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