Diamond Jewelry Olivia and Belen

We make necklaces and bracelets with diamonds-like beads and more types of beads. Come to Diamond Jewelry and get your own bracelet/necklaces! We also make bracelets and necklaces with your own name on them for an extra $5.00 which is $15.00.
If it is your first time coming you will only pay $3.00. If you already came before you will pay $10.00. Like we said if you want your name on it,it will cost $5.00 extra. Which is $15.00
If you come in we will have different kinds of beads which are letter beads,diamond-like beads,crystal clear beads, and many more.
If you order from Diamond Jewelry you will get a bracelet for $3.00 and whatever you order will come to your door in no time.If you order online like we said it will also come with a coupon so next time you order you get 10% off.
Please come to Diamond Jewelry. We promise you it is really fun to pick out a cool new bracelet or necklace. Like we say ''Stay happy, Stay pretty, when you come to Diamond Jewelry.''

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